Thursday, March 23, 2023

Budget E92 3 Series BMW Gets INSANE Wide Body Kit!!

Main Budget E92 3 Series BMW Gets INSANE Wide Body Kit!!

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    In todays episode were installing 10 piece wide body kit on Kyles e92 BMW. Get over 64% off the Kove Commuter 2 Split here: …


    b is for build math, 1/2 = 360

    Boy McFacto

    I think at this point everyone wants these builds to go for a clean aesthetic instead of the apocalyptic one


    Car will look good with 0 paint on It at all just bare metal with lacquer over it

    sumo selley

    I am loving this BMW the rivet idea is really cool but in saying that I love the other two cars as well this is a really great build series

    Tom Tom

    I love the creativity in these three builds

    Sebastian L

    Wide body eak….. :/ Will rust like crazyyyy

    tex v

    you guys are an amazing team


    thumbnail makes it look like an MG SVR.

    Chopper Marc

    You gentlemen always deliver.


    looks great from a far, but those who made it are scammers for selling for that kind of money

    merreck ferrao

    Please please please name the Mustang frankinstang … Like if u agreeπŸ‘

    Tom Tom

    Next do a bosozuko build


    a $3000 + body kit is hardly scrap ;P


    The shape kinda reminds me of the BMW M3 GTR tribute cars in games but all in all looking good

    Ade Reeves

    wow….you paid that much …..for that kit…I think id be wanting a refund πŸ™‚

    KennyU.K RacingDynamics

    It depends if your model is the LCI facelift model and the body kit is for a non facelift model or the E93 convertible models

    Greg Winfield

    loving this mate, awesome stuff.

    derek daye

    No speakers on link?

    Kaydin Humphrey

    The front hood lol

    Maques VonHinten

    This is the worst fitting Bodykit i have ever seen… But you guys nailed it!


    idea- old leather luggage straps for hood/trunk "hood pins" (some really old fancy cars did it and it also goes with the steam punk

    ShadowSystems RC

    This may be my favorite out of the three. Really digging the rivet panels.


    Don't forget to let Kyle and Oscar talk more about their ideas and plans πŸ˜‰

    Nathan Jones

    What about the metal under the headlights, extend it out slightly past the bumper like a canard.

    Water Lover

    why the hacks


    Satin black the car and do a brush finish on the rivet plates.


    You paid over 3k for a load of fibreglass. Mental, the lines on the original car look so much better inho

    GT Grandad

    Excuse the pun but watching you guys work has me Riveted.

    Nahin Ahad

    Can we take a moment to appreciate the amount of skills this team has? I'm especially impressed with Oscar's metal work!


    Feel like I'm getting old .. I liked the OEM way more

    Llien Esrib

    Paint it black .. Subaru 18l

    And then make the metal a copper colour .. that would look ace


    This would look even better if those plates were made of copper

    Ed Burdsall

    Scrap Cars…smart move, Frances Ford Coppolia may not have approved of the use of the word Apocalypse. ..:)

    Winston Zhang

    Like some others mentioned, I don't think doing these things in the paint booth is a great idea… I get there's not a lot of space but still…

    Ruchel &John H

    This is the first time ever that i have ever dis-liked one of your videos, that body kit is sooo ugly, fitment is shit.

    Mohammed Najeeb

    Can someone tell me the name of the song at 19:35 please? Thank you

    Dmitriy Peshko

    The steel plates might not look the best but sure are very damn cool

    Craig Voll

    Is this episode a joke? Seriously lmao

    Donovan Creamer

    That shits for like an 04 Pontiac GTO. πŸ˜‚πŸ€¦πŸ»β€β™‚οΈ

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