Friday, March 24, 2023

Budget Winter Beater Ep. 2: More Boost + Rally Prep!

Main Budget Winter Beater Ep. 2: More Boost + Rally Prep!

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    In preparation for our first “track day” I get the tune sorted, some world’s cheapest mud flaps, and STICKERS. I love this thing!!!! JIMMY O …

    The Professor

    Rod knock is coming soon .. 😀


    Adam, check the lines going to the waste gate. There should be a restrictor pill in the line. That was my issue before my tune and I got 12-14psi. It's only like 2 bucks

    Jose Ramirez

    Don’t make the mistake of buying your gf a car again

    H J

    But the stars…


    hey stock boost on those wrx are 13psi not 7… with the cobb i had mine running 17psi safely

    Peter Salas

    Late gang

    Westie 4AGE Turbo.

    2019 year of the flex, 2020 year of the stupid where adam stuffs around with his mates in shitboxes for 12 months! ( 2020 FTW)


    Walbro 225, sti turbo, and anything bigger than 550cc sti injectors. Also junk yard for P/S line.

    Shadowz HD

    After you destroy it rebuild it to make extra power


    Factory boost is 14.5psi (on the 2.0). Don't worry about TGV deletes unless you want over 300whp. STi injectors, STi turbo (vf39/43/48) and a cobb ots tune will get you around 260-270whp for like $600.

    Konrad Christen

    Really taking it back to the old days. I enjoy this content a lot actually.

    Justas !!!!

    hope he buys a wrx sti after this

    JROD Jeremy Flanigan

    Jimmy and you look like you’re having a good time with the subby’s. I miss my crappy WRX. Lol


    And this, kids, is why you never ever buy a second hand Subaru!

    in motion

    You put stupid stickers on it so its dumb I'm so butt hurt over this cant watch anymore so a Subaru right please

    in motion

    Really sucks ur not trying make it nice and fast your making it shit like every one else does .

    Bobby Roth

    This is why I don’t Subscribe to jimmys YouTube lol “screw subi guys”

    strong mma

    Finally something different Wii🔥

    Liam Williams

    watching videos like this brings back nostalgia..


    Its funny watching people used to 500 or higher hp cars joke saying that car is fast, when the girls probably actually thinking holy shit its fast!

    _ Keaney

    PLEASE PLEASE put a "Kyle" sticker on the car along with a monster logo!

    Acu Robbie

    It makes more power than what they stated.

    Filip Wennergren

    Not sounding jelaous but this is morre fun than à Porsche GT3. Keep up,,,

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