Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Budget Winter Beater Ep. 7: A Sad Ending… (dyno day)

Main Budget Winter Beater Ep. 7: A Sad Ending… (dyno day)

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    Don’t worry, we’ll be back soon πŸ™‚


    Clutchless shift is very common in rally racing, you use clutch only for starting to move a car.


    your dad has an r32 skyline, lucky lucky lucky man!


    yeah, the clutch less shifting thing? i did this once by accident in an audi a4, i wanted to do something and was holding the wheel straight with my left leg after going from 1st to 2nd, i stepped on the gas and was like "yeah gotta shift", but i forgot that i dont have my clutch foot where it needs to be so i just let go of the gas and go from 2nd to 3rd. thats when i noticed that i didnt use the clutch. it was actually super smooth, no grinding no nothing, just like i would have used the clutch. fellt a bit wierd tbh πŸ˜€

    JDee 8

    Man I hope you paid for your old man's clutch slave

    Stephen Briede

    And also plugs are very easy haha. You do so much work, plugs on an ej is not difficult having done them plenty myself. Weak….

    Stephen Briede

    Coil packs coil packs coil packs!! Lol

    Stephen Briede



    Can’t just give your dad the slave for free?

    Dillan McCauley

    Got to check the learning view! Romraider has it built in, just press F6. That will show the air fuel corrections and where timing is being pulled


    time fora new tactrix cable

    Tech_ Wolf11

    Floating the gears… truckers do this lol


    Just drive the dang thing

    Fabian Plaza

    He’s just floating the gears

    Alex Tavares

    I clutchless shift in a International dump truck lol…. easyyyyyy

    Rogue Art Tuning

    Could definitely be coils too. Theyre garbage and I cant tell you how many times Ive had to replace coils to be able to finish a tune. Sounds just like that


    watch out fiddling old wires they break super easy my #4 ground was dickered but the harness looked fine

    Don Gonzulman

    You look like a cop with that mustache

    Norben Fernandez

    I am glad you could hang out with your friends and get some fun ,that’s the most important ,quick doing what you are doing ,is awesome 😎 πŸ‘πŸ»


    You cant send a Subbie rod to the moon. Next door maybe.

    Audrius Savickas

    Adam "BS" LZ


    Watch the video, scream in your thoughts "Just change the damn plugs!" 5 mins into the video.. oh yeah.. it's a subaru πŸ˜€ Atleast it ain't a 3.0.

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