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Bugatti Chiron (2019) – The Most Beautiful Hypercar!

Main Bugatti Chiron (2019) – The Most Beautiful Hypercar!

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    kaavish arbab

    Am I the only one who thinks the rims and break callipers doesn't look good on this car…

    Ruiz sanchez

    Hermoso.!!!como una joya.!!!


    nothing special

    Eric Veyrier

    J'adore, mais un tableau de bord symétrique !!, ça fait cheap, style vieille rolls, et j'ai le même bouton de réglage des rétroviseurs sur mon Audi… c'est impardonnable !!
    I love it, but a symmetrical dashboard !!, it's cheap, old style rolls, and I have the same button mirrors adjustment on my Audi … it's unforgivable!


    The Bugatti Chiron has always been my dream car, I wish I could afford one day. There not available in Australia, I would have to import it, for import costs it would cost lik 1 – 2 milion extra. I probably will never afford one anyway 😂. Nice video btw

    Darko Nikolić

    I put dislike because veyron looked better and McLarens still does.

    toufik lebcir algeria

    Fantastic car i love Bugatti chiron

    Not Zuahs

    STOP der Agera RS ist schöner, keine Ausrede.

    Black holes

    Bugatti is Bugatti

    Larry Calloway

    Fabulous super car

    Brasil do Bolsonaro

    Este carro é a prova de que existe perfeição nesta Terra. 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

    Brasil do Bolsonaro

    Dei DESLIKE pq eu tenho uma Saveiro rebaixada e tem DÉIZ MIL REAU DE SOM. 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣🤣

    Dylen Mauree




    Fabio Zaneti

    Chiron incrívelmente Top sem dúvida máquina dos meus sonhos e a de muitos!!!!

    Ahmad Fajrian

    Nice Hypercar from France.. 👍👍🔥🔥. Cool spec, but if this car have black wheel is looks more sporty, agresive and beautiful of course ❤.

    Pol First

    Bugatti Veyron is more beautiful. Chiron tastes like Audi


    I think many people will contest that it is the most beautiful. It isn't my favorite either, from a purely "beauty" perspective, but I really like the Chiron for the following reason:
    It is still a car.
    What I mean with that is that most Super and Hyper cars nowadays are "race cars for the road", super minimalist, stripped down, carbon fiber UFOs that look like melted plastic toys, with holes in the bonnet and other weird "skeletized" features.
    The Chiron is different. It is a crazy Hyper car too, but it still looks like a regular car in many ways. It has no weird holes, it isn't skeletized, it isn't stripped down, it is just a super capable, very sexy car and follows in the foot steps of older Sports and Super cars from the era before the current "race car for the road" trend.
    Back in the Lamborghini Countach days, sports cars weren't "race cars for the road", they were just supposed to be special and sexy and head turning. That they were fast was almost an side effect or an after thought. People didn't buy a Countach or a Ferrari Testarossa to rip everything out, put a harness and a cage in and then dick around on some race track.
    Those cars were just supposed to be fun and be status symbols.

    Out of all the current Hyper cars I know, the Chiron follows in those foot steps the most, I think.
    It is not just a sports car, it also is luxurious inside.
    The inside isn't just a wall of exposed carbon fiber with a few industrial looking buttons, as it is in most of those "race cars for the road".

    The Chiron is also surprisingly practical. It has pretty good ground clearance for a Hyper/Super car and it has an surprisingly big trunk. In theory, someone who can afford it, could use it as a pretty comfortable and practical daily driver. It basically is a 2 Million Dollar Porsche 911 or an Audi R8 in that regard.
    You could drive your kid to school in it or run errands, if you wanted to and if you could afford to repair the occasional scratch.

    The biggest flaw and problem with the Chiron is that the concept and philosophy of the thing itself don't fit together with the exorbitant pricing. No car needs to cost 2 Million Dollars. That is a price they only give cars to make them even bigger status symbols, which means they designed and built a car for people who actually want to drive their cars and then they priced it in a way that only the "put it in storage and never drive it"-type of people will buy it.

    My personal philosophy regarding sports cars is:
    The more practical a car is, the more time you can spend in it and the more time you can spend in a car, the more fun you can have with it.

    I would much rather have fun in my sports car, driving down a regular highway, or racing a guy in a souped up rice bucket on my way to the movie theater, or have fun taking the scenic route visiting some aunt, driving on windy backroads, than letting it sit in storage all year and then only take it out to go to some race track and deal with the highly artificial conditions there.
    Race tracks don't appeal to me much.
    They are like riding a roller coaster, just that it stinks like burned rubber and gasoline and you have sweat in your eyes from wearing a helmet and protective gear all day.
    Real roller coasters are more fun than that.

    And that is why I am not a fan of this "race car for the road" trend and why I like the Chiron more than any Koenigsegg, or other such plastic UFO.

    Slim Jaddy

    Great work! I love this car and great editing and music! More from this please!!

    Dim Bren

    Bugatti: we made the most beautiful supercar.
    De Tomaso: hold my beer!

    Florin Honceriu

    This is masterpiece !

    sj gamer

    Yes beauty and the beast deadly combo it can kill anyone's heart and mind

    R. Zeng

    Amazing showroom!! and amazing hypercar!! )

    Amir S

    j'aime pas trop ( sauf l'intérieur )

    Tabi i



    *The Most Beautiful Hypercar

    FORMULE PARIS [ SuperCars ]

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    chico gamers

    First one

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