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Buick Nailhead Cylinder Head Assembly | Redline Update #16

Main Buick Nailhead Cylinder Head Assembly | Redline Update #16

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    The paint is dry, which means assembly of the Buick 401 Nailhead can finally begin. It’ll be easy—just put it back together, right? Not so fast—there’s a proper …


    Congrats Ben! your stop motion clips are the best on YT by far

    Trevor Thompson

    Are nailheads interference engines? I know the later 455s are not.

    Tim Brown

    Thank you for that quick look into the time lapse stop motion technique. Awesome. On the valves, do you have to grind any off of the top of the stem like with a Ford? To keep the tops of the vales the same height in relation to the amount ground from the face and seat? Thanks for you work and production quality.

    Mark James

    Love the 70’s theme build.

    Md Junaid

    Hello sir,
    Any vacancy for diesel mechanic..

    Joe Schlotthauer

    No seals on the exhaust,
    Won't it burn (a lot of) oil…

    Joe Schlotthauer

    Buick green at :35,
    Buick/383Mopar blue at :45…


    Snap, that was like a magician showing how he does his magic. I always thought you were just so good at rebuilding engines that the parts assembled themselves lol

    iBiana Doubt

    I've got a 63 425 nailhead.
    I never expected to be watching a rebuild on Haggerty.


    i would have never built a nailhead…theres not much for them and they cant handle abuse. The later big blocks have far more performance capabilities.

    Евгений Севериненко

    Want to work for you!

    Евгений Севериненко

    Хочу у вас работать!

    Pepen Fadhil

    Good video…. 👌👌👌

    Oberon159 Black

    Половину сказанного не понял)))))

    Jim Clarke

    Seat height measuring tool, learning something new every day, clever guy Davin, real engineer !

    Lateef Carrere

    Whew – there's a lot of work involved in even the shortest of videos you guys post! Someone get the cameraman a 6 pack! Seriously though – that's maybe 90 mins. of prep work, not that I know anything about video work. And cylinder head work has really come a long way since I learned how to do it – the spring compressor I learned to use resembled a giant C-clamp, for one thing. All this work is going to pay off once the Nailhead rumbles into life again.

    Christopher Haynie

    I love the 70's "Shaft" music.🤣

    Christopher Haynie

    A lot of work is an understatement.

    Michael Minor

    Video editing makes it extra cool to an already good build. Awesome job

    Not Sure

    More like puick green! Sorry , looks new though. I've never been a big fan of the way they would spray everything one color, however I do like original.


    By the way beautiful job on these engines you rebuild !


    I rebuilt a Nailhead a couple of years ago , very different engine . About to assemble a 51 flathead Ford and will be tearing down a 42 straight eight Buick that my customers son melted down . Funny thing about the Nailhead was the guy paid me 2700.00 in almost all one dollar bills . Wonder what he was doing ?

    Jose Luis 82


    Станислав Юрьевич

    Что то я не понял как они подбирают шайбы под определенное усилие пружин что бы клапан прилегал к седлу как надо? Учитывая высоту подъема и что бы на определенных оборотах клапан вращался и не набивал себе место на седле?


    What makes a Nailhead a Nailhead?

    Michael Naisbitt

    Nice to see someone take to get right valve height on a motor and not just assume they are all the same. Bought wrecked motor years ago were piston and valve hit. Not pretty. 🚘🚘🚗👍👍

    John wick

    Where can i find a shirt like you have master. Make product im a big fan of youre work

    Chris Wenkle

    Dyno……bring on the dyno

    Projekt-hobby 2001

    You are doing great job! I dream to make wideo like you, and rebuilt engnie as good as you. Please watch my wideo aboat rebuilding FSO 1500 engine


    Starsky and Hutch montage music? snicker

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