Thursday, March 23, 2023

BUILDING A 1000HP S15 IN 10 MINUTES! (Pro Drift Car)

Main BUILDING A 1000HP S15 IN 10 MINUTES! (Pro Drift Car)

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    Last year I had the opportunity to have my S15 built by one of the best shops in drifting – Enjuku Racing. They archived all of the footage and I wanted to show …

    Hanlon Gaming

    Next minute this us the give away car

    xZehyonx X FAM

    Am I the only one who realized that hew showed his licence plate


    I like that hat for the pro picture

    Omar Akrawy

    Actually it’s 15: 54 minutes

    kobe german

    I’ve been watching Adams channel for sooooo long now, since the old bmx days, and pb&j pizzas, love the ways the channel has gone and will always be a supporter of this channel, Adam you’re a great guy with great cars and one day I hope to have a car even close to one of yours, I have a 2012 civic si that I’m to broke to modify 😂all my money goes to my car payment

    Mainor Navarro

    SR Engine ?


    10 or 15-16 minutes


    Bro I’ve watched you since you were whippin the e46 ridin bikes to being a pro fd driver, huge inspiration love you

    Zac Emery


    G 777

    Awesome 👏🏼 glad you brought us along

    Jalen Norwood

    The 2jz engine makes so much power it’s questions even the car gods

    Jaxson D’Agostino

    How come bub from enjuku strangely looks like Ed bolian 🤔🤔🤔

    kyle vazquez

    Holy hell I was actually there at the FD Texas event. You made rookie of the year

    Lennin Daniel Azpeitia Bernal

    same as well

    David Brantley

    Congrats, saw you get 2nd in Dallas Pro 2!

    Mack Motors Corporation

    Right on Bro!! Like!!!

    Logen Fowler

    You should put the sema wheels back on it


    don't shave pls

    Noah Morales

    Dont give this guy a built not bought sticker

    Max Ryzhkov

    this vid made me want to quit my 2k $ build…


    You need to put the old wheels back on that thing🤤


    great footage need more videos like this

    David Cole

    Awesome video lz, great to see how far youve come and going into fd, looking forward to hearing you talk about it

    Muhammad Faris

    Disini ada yg subscriber nya GARASI DRIFT ??????????

    Matty A

    8:30 so clean


    Shit is ripping like a damn toy car that runs on gas.


    Who also loves 2JZ swaps in S15's so much?


    Bro I know you probably don’t have the time to do this but I think you could make a career out of FD. That’s just my opinion

    david doran

    It looked better when you first bought it


    I was literally saying “that’s insane” out loud the entire video good job man


    Instructions unclear, stuck my dick in the like button.

    Matthew Kilpatrick

    I haven’t watched for a while, does he still have Nicole’s miata and 240?

    mr Music

    adam lz is part of the "car guy that has no knowledge of cars" pack


    saw this car drifting back in June, love this car

    Justin Withers

    Only OG’s know how dope his 325i on BBS RC090’s with polishes lips was as a kid. My garage burnt down with my bike in it or else I’d still be kicking it on the bike.


    Must say you did a great job on this vid.


    Damn I can’t even build a lego house in 10 min

    Jimmy Official

    154 people are gay

    InFa Yen SU

    Id like to see him dominate Pro 2 first before moving on to Pro 1

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