Monday, March 20, 2023

Building a 6 Point Roll Cage for the Frankenstang Mustang – Eleanor Fastback Conversion

Main Building a 6 Point Roll Cage for the Frankenstang Mustang – Eleanor Fastback Conversion

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    In todays episode we’re building a 6pt roll cage for the mustang, also doing more structure work connecting the old body to the new boddy. Check out the Rogue …

    Jason Day

    has anybody seen Kyle?

    Nick Cooper

    Should of put some curves in the rear bars at the top, also the door bars needed a bit of curvy sexiness.

    New Phone

    Underneath the side skirts is hideous. Cut the bottom of frame rail and fab new shorter square for rails. Dont skimp on that. This build is insane.

    R Heininga

    No primer under the role caghe plates?

    Alan Male

    It's a great looking roll cage – and, yes, looks fantastic from the front of the car.

    Arrieon Ramdial

    Anyone else like the name FrakenStang for this build?


    Make it a targa-top! The only T-top Eleanor.


    I wonder how much Oscar gets paid

    Julien Duytsche

    You should fill in the gaps from the inside shell and outside shell with expanding foam. Would make a huge difference regarding noise.


    I hope you used chromoly

    The Walker Brothers

    This is awesome to watch, I’m working on a project that’s similar in nature I guess, I’ve got a 1976 F100 I’m retrofitting the body onto a 2006 Lincoln town car


    I got that same u.s.general toolbox


    Careful Chris dont's say we need an awesome bender"
    Whilst pointing at Oscar or you could find the B is for build it yourself!

    Will Greene

    You guys are incredible, I love watching this content. Gg

    B Rabbit

    Gt500 super swap. Already been done!

    Aaron Rogers

    They did a great job on the car

    James Ross

    Rear back stays are WAY too steep AND must join the main hoop no more than 4" from the bend. Back stays mount to the rear strut towers. Door bars are just wrong. They need to meet the main hoop at the halfway point of the door opening. There needs to be at least one diagonal connecting the rear back stays.

    I know B is for Build is better then this, that's why Im complaining.

    Adam R

    holy sheetbox batman

    Francisco Fernandes

    I don't want to be a jerk, but aren't you missing the drip rails? its suppose to go between the roof and the frame.

    Brandon W.

    You had to weld the bender together during assembly? Seems like a not so user friendly product.

    dante smith

    It the 6715 mustang



    Hector Hernandez

    U should do one more rear cross bar just make it a 7 point.


    "upcoming build with lots of tubing"… God I hope it's a tube chassis, those things are awesome.

    Scott’s Copters

    wow that turned out great

    Louis Savage

    Please keep it neat 😂

    Louis Savage

    Yea like the way you welded the gtr side panels, not your best job😂

    Jordans Garage

    why not make the roll bar mounts flat.


    Wait. No A pillar bars? :O

    Starter Garage

    Chris – Did you guys consider just boxing over that frame crossmember for the base of the cage vs. having to deal with notching everything?

    Ben FM
    evo2rex ’18 RA

    kinks would decrease the area of the tubing exponentially compared to bends (thereby limiting structural integrity), no pun for you… Alcohol is Truly great, ain't it?
    P.S. I know what you meant, don't take this a negative comment, I love what you do and have had some Scotch myself this evening. Wishing you the best, stay safe!


    String theory? Lol wtf

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