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Building a Carbon Fiber Huracan Door Pt 1

Main Building a Carbon Fiber Huracan Door Pt 1

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    In todays episode were building a carbon fiber door skin. Download Turo for free here: Use code BISFORBUILD …

    B is for Build

    Download Turo for free here: https://turo.onelink.me/1712264037/71506be8
    Use code BISFORBUILD for $25 off your first rental!

    Sookle’s World

    Hydrophobic reaction you speak of, all you need to do is run a blow torch or heat gun over the bubbly parts and they disappear, do it as they form.

    Tucker Productions

    legendary video

    Aldi Pratama

    Not even 100% done and i already see this project is going to be phenomenal, unlike other childish youtuber "rally" huracan. Can't wait for the final product !!

    Nathan Bridges

    This is probably one of the coolest how to videos on youtube!

    grover super

    https://youtu.be/UgKvDw1E60E look at this and take your time. The mold you can use alot so take the time,i did this and it works very good,the second time i had perfect carbon hood for golf mark 4.

    Dylan Shelton

    Why not make small random molds for testing? Then use the scrap carbon. Gives you the chance to test different techniques on a small scale in order to find the best working one.

    Christo Viljoen

    Why cant you spray the resin?

    Henry Siegertsz

    You made the right decision to make the mould and copy from that! It means the parts you make will be dimensionally exact so making installation and gapping more OEM. Also you have the ability to re-make any part in case of accidents, panel damage.


    Getting close, awesome!

    Max S.

    Why not just have an experienced professional do it? Does it have to be diy?

    elliot senior

    You will get a better finish if you use a paint roller to apply the resin to the carbon fibre after the first coat.

    Dennis Montee

    Buy both doors, then make the other parts! Doors seem to be more complex to create! Just saying.

    JDM Retard

    you can put the whole mold in a bag if there is not enough of a flange, also leave the pump running if you didn`t. Did this before so i know.

    The DIY Tuners

    Also don't bother doing a resin coat before you lay the cloth. The vacuum process will push it through and make it perfectly flat

    philippaerts kevin

    I would say get some professional people to teach you the right way how to do it 😂 save you some money in wasting materials

    Cyrus Tadena

    you should put a clock in the corner just to show how long the process really takes

    The DIY Tuners

    Sign board is real good for the egdes of the mould 👌

    Andrew Dunbar

    You could just build it as a ratrod instead of going for perfection (-:

    Frity Fantom

    Getting boring here. I'm out. Cya

    ebrahim khalil

    Chris: we destroyed the…
    me: oh no
    Chris: the paint booth
    me: exhales thank god

    Shaun PC

    That’s a great first attempt for you Chris, with more time and advice on hand I’m sure that you’ll get there.

    Geoffrey Ings

    I am not going to tell how to do this stuff but stop f#@king about and watch How to make a carbon fiber Car bonnet/hood by Easy Composites. Get all the gear required, you are just making a dick of your self

    Harrods Garage

    Getting there buddy. So much better than last time. You learnt something though

    Matt Hill

    You'll get there, it's all trial and error but you'll figure it out.. in b is for build we trust 🤣🤣

    Jesus On 2 Wheels

    In my opinion, carbon fibre is so boring and past date. Why don't you do an aluminium body like a delorean? Smooth flat alloy sheet would look good.

    darran bulmer

    Frustrating to see what tools you have to your arsenal but not enough care taken when researching proper methods on how to do things you have never done before, if you concentrate more on the process your finish products will always be perfect, regardless of what your doing if you do your homework mistakes will always be at a minimum

    Andrey PA

    One small recommendation – if you do some cutting with angle grinder or some other power tool, don't do it inside the paint booth, do it outside to reduce dust buildup. You know what I mean?


    Consider timestamping your spraying sections, some guys have a clock in the background.


    Next time please alternate direction of your fiber mats. Carbon fiber is really strong in direction of fiber but weak perpendicular to it. By alternating direction of mats you get more uniform strength.


    I mean sorry but fuck Turo

    Richard Preston

    You will need to put pleats in the bag to give you excess bagging material to prevent the mould from being warped. Also you need to do de-bulk after each layer to help with consolidation. And you may need to reenforce the mould

    Ruben Braekman

    You can try to put the resin in a vacuüm chamber to pull the bubbles out


    Sorry but i need to chare some good vid´s/ Channel how to Carbon Parts:

    That are the best ones and the last channel with the Hood is verry good explained how to do it.
    Hope you will get it next time!

    Phone Shop

    Is this worth ?

    Marco R

    You should sign that door panel and do a draw and give it to a subscriber

    Oxide shnapps

    You should add a “pleat” in your vacuum bag, right down the middle. It will add more suction down into the carbon that’s trying to conform to the corner in the middle of the door. You can do this by sticking the vacuum bag halfway down the middle of the part parallel with the corner in the door, and use some kind of tacky chromate tape about 5 inches long, 2 pieces for each side of the bag. And basically get a buddy to help you fold the bag creating a four inch pleat in the bag and it will help the carbon conform to the mould better


    The new box is marked “donor hurrican” 🙂

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