Saturday, March 25, 2023

Building a Carbon Fiber Wide Body Kit for my Huracan Pt 2

Main Building a Carbon Fiber Wide Body Kit for my Huracan Pt 2

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    In todays episode its pt 2 of building a wide body kit! Install Raid for Free ✅ IOS: ✅ ANDROID: Start with 50K silver and …

    B is for Build

    Install Raid for Free ✅ IOS: ✅ ANDROID: Start with💰50K silver and get a Free Epic Champion 💥 on day 7 of “New Player Rewards” program.


    Great content thanks.


    "the graphics and the different textures on the armors" you mean the bikinis


    "over 10 million players" i wounder how many loaded it once, saw it was shit and not work their rime then left

    Heat CORE

    Damn this is gonna look good🔥

    Ali Fadaei

    Why don't you try to spray the first resin instead of using a paint brush

    Jonathan Katz

    Just paint the ceconite and don’t worry about the carbon fibre. If it’s good enough for a Stinson-108 it’s good enough for the Lambo!


    Man these vids are such an inspiration, another great one


    Love the show and cannot wait to see the final product. Was wondering what is to come from the leftover carbon fiber scraps? Can or would you hook a fellow builder?


    Did he say “We took advantage of this abnormally hot Oregon day”

    ed van greunen

    'Deleted his car' best line ever. Also think garrett stand would be perfect for this build👌wish i could get there somehow

    W Mi

    How many orielly ADs u gonna ad to one video. Really fucking annoying


    Where can I buy this sesonite material, I'm really in need of it?

    Rodney Odgaard


    Sione Tuivai-lopa

    2months till SEMA

    Humble Man

    why am i thinking 4inch is too wide lol


    Going to sema just to check out this amazing build and of course to meet the man himself 👌🤙✔💯

    harry smith

    Loving this build guys always a pleasure to watch massive respect to you all 👍👍👍


    Think the garret booth would be better to showcase your car

    Danny Hansen

    Incredible work.. I really live the custom fenders you're making! Different from other channels on YouTube making engine swaps and building engines.. this shit I like!! But its gonna be a hell of task making the other fender a 100% looking like the first one.

    Caleb Notter

    Rebuild kevin hart's vechicle

    Anom Amos

    Just spray the cloth with cheap acrylic paint in light coats until it's firm then lay carbon over it,


    The guys on Pimp My Ride would use fleece and resin to make custom speaker boxes. My guess is the fleece stretched and absorbed resin well while being easy to sand down.


    could have painted it with aircraft dope, type of plasticised lacquer that shrinks as it dries hard, would have given a solid base

    Not Jc Transfiguracion

    Please Release more vids and more recently about the lambo, Like if you aggree and so that he can see

    Pim van Dongen

    carbon is to replace parts to make a vehicle lighter… you just use it to create an extra layer… ROFLOL… And that frame… it looks like that wrecked huracan goes camping.

    Matt Hill

    You could have just 3d printed the body kit and had it done already.. you've got the know how

    Waynos Waynos

    Hot Glue Removal Tip – the stuff becomes brittle when cold. So use Air in a Can held upside down so the just the icy propellant comes out.. spray it on the hot glue, then easily remove it.


    Did you make some reserve forms, if you have a crash some day?

    Eric McGinnis

    I can't wait to see how your carbon body and the build looks when finished!

    Eric McGinnis

    You should really go with 3 coats of carbon fiber bud!

    Eric McGinnis

    When it comes to carbon fiber check out "street Bandito" 240 build!!! Old boy is crazy talented with a number of things with carbon fiber being one of his talents! He completley molded and replaced his 240's body panels out of carbon fiber! He would be able to help you with any carbon fiber questions I'm sure !

    Flizn Dför

    Chris – probably the best work if seen on your channel so far! Well done 👍🏻

    Cody Cadwallader

    Watch Street Bandito for excellent tutorial on making carbon pieces


    Man, good to see more amazing content from the Great PNW 😊 I'm from OC. Side note, man you're spending all the money on the project and it has you buying off brand white claws. 😉

    Johnmichael Quinlan

    oh my…. more wizardry, I really wanna try that fabric out. any chance of a link?

    Tanner Taylor

    I really live this build

    Rick gage

    Plot twist chris bought kevin harts car for sema 2020

    Kent Moore

    polyester shower curtain shrinks onto the frame tight as and accepts polyester resin like a dream. Ive used it to make those ultralight canoes, cheers

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