Thursday, March 23, 2023

Building A Custom Single Seater Supercar Part 4

Main Building A Custom Single Seater Supercar Part 4

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    In todays episode its part 2 of the cage build out on the single seater supercar. ❱ Shop – ❱ Patreon …

    Mikel Landrum

    May can enter this into a go cart race . Should win 😂 kinda wish it would have been more practical tho. Strictly a race car. Love the fact tho its getting built from scratch

    Wouter maes

    Make the body out of carbon fibre 😀


    So you're going for 3 tonnes, turning radius of a tanker and a parking space on the Moon?? Seriously, what are you doing man? This thing has NO ground clearance and is 20 feet long, how do you plan on climbing a speed hump or a garage entrance? Oh, right, Moon parking…
    If you continue like this, this will be another failed project. You have so much money, tools and good men helping you, and you talk about the combination of limitations of your brain and stubbornness? I'll give you a hint for a sound project that will generate more views: Ultima GTR
    You're welcome.

    Mike Power

    Good video 👍

    Joshua Mitchell

    The comment section must think this is going to be his daily driver

    Brandon Young

    The wind will blow this thing into pieces lol

    Jaya Iqbal

    do a f1 style rim and tyre

    Andy Craig

    I’ve always enjoyed B is for Build content, but your main hoop design IS dangerous. Having built several race cars( four national championships) ,please rethink your main hoop. Maybe you don’t want to say that your bender cannot make the bend you need or want. But don’t use that hoop! Have someone bend a hoop for ya! You cannot foresee possibilities and if something should happen,there will be no more B is for build videos and I won’t know what to do. Who care about the weight,aero or whatever the enginerds complain about ( I know u know ull never make them happy) . Please make it safe. Keep it going!

    Richard Mckee

    Noticed the lower cage/cockpit is perfectly located for an additional structural brace going to the motor mount locations on the front cross member 😉


    How comes its so long?

    Tim Benedict

    Not a criticism, looking for to understand…. Why didn't you follow the frame lines with the upper roll cage rails ?

    Flizn Dför

    Why is this thing so long? Just looks wrong. Cut 20“ out of the middle! 🤨

    Michael McCormick

    Cris if you wanted to race this. To make it safe. You would need to consult a racecar chassis builder because it would fail tect. In your roll bar and frame structure example your roll bar may come apart in an accident because it is made of multiple pieces. A true safe roll bar is made of one bar bent and welded to the frame. I am saying this to help you out. Consult a racing chassis builder!

    Epic Garage

    Small custom torque tube would bin good.

    Epic Garage


    pat powell

    This is great! Where did your front and rear suspension components come from?

    marty rowe

    Why MIG and not TIG weld , i know i"d feel safer if it was TIG welded.


    Hey …love the the apocalypse projects.
    Got a name sugestion for your car, you said it at the end of this video you can name it "Single seater KHAOS"
    Hope you like the name peace!
    David , from Puerto Rico

    Grumpy Modeler

    To all the complainers: Go buiild something yourself.

    Rdrokit Power – RockBlues & Roadhouse Music

    Looks like a AA Dragster.


    Wonder how much lower it will get when the engine and trans are added. It will scrape for sure. I foresee Chris redoing the lower part of the car.

    – Xadisphere –

    What happen to the shop expansion happening everyone else is building shops why dont you start on yours?


    Maybe instead of an LS engine you could install a inline 6.

    Dre’s Racing Channel

    so i am no welder and i have mig welded some stuff… with that being said i was told cages shouldn't be mig welded because it can't get hot enough to melt the metal enough.

    Manu. da

    Do you think it needs cross bracing in the bottom of the whole frame?

    Hamza Faruqui

    look… a stretched limo that's not boring. My friends would love to party in that thi.. oh.

    Tommy Körberg

    What happened to your 30 year old Italian yacht?


    I bet this build gonna take you at least 1-2years

    Ronald van der Kooi

    It's the year 2025, after the covid-19 pandemic the world now faces another crisis, it's depletion of metal. Legends say somewhere there's a guy still adding metal tubes and bars to his car, despite the world being in great danger.

    Jacob Morton

    It may be a little too late but couldn't you tack weld all those pieces in so you can get all your angles and radius points in place measure them out then make them in the Bender so you know it's on point and you can minimize the welds

    George Hitchborn

    no dude that roll hoop needs to be a single tube.


    Does this long vehicle fit on your trailer? 🤔😁

    Michael van Zoggel

    Chris, take that hoop and go to a fabricator and have them bend in a single arc. Really important mate.

    Gabriel Espinosa

    When are you gona build a real car like you know an s-chassis

    Rich Kastler

    Your main hoop should not be in pieces, that won't protect you at all.

    Jason Ibrahim

    You should use a motorbike double bubble as a windshield

    Singh Sukhdeep

    Hey chris why dont u use soildworks to make the frame it gives you dementions and you can stress test to see what brakes first

    Mohanned albeik

    One question though. How are you going to take it out of the garage when you finish? Just curious

    Jordan Stanley

    what engine is he putting in there

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