Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Building a Forged VQ37 – Rotating Assembly

Main Building a Forged VQ37 – Rotating Assembly

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    Zeroy will be back on the road in no time! Brian Crower VQ37VHR PROH625+ Connecting Rods Wiseco 11.5:1 96mm Forged Pistons …



    Iranoveryourmom Yé

    Alberto is tired af

    Andrew Pechin

    It's the 94 Toyota SR-5 inline 6 water pump gasket lol

    Robert Lutz

    I had an 04 z and the guys at z1 performance said just do suspension and brakes cause the vq35 wasn’t worth modding, especially the DE motor in the earlier models.

    Joseph Wilson

    @ 18:57 the answer to that is actually Toyota lol and like someone in the comments said already .. 1997 Toyota Tacoma 😂

    Danny Wanny

    Hey Adam. I know this might be a personal question but how much does a warehouse like that cost you a month? Or did you pay it off?


    build a honda

    Coby Hester

    “Vq not the best platform for power”
    Fressshkickssss says otherwise

    M.K.C. Technology
    Darian Perisic

    I’ve seen 35hr and 37vhrs fbo making anywhere from 320-360 whp. I think that’s pretty damn good for being na

    Tylen Leverette

    Build a vr30 next

    Jose David

    Adam is too funny when building a engine

    Joshua Vargas

    Its not a vq37 de, its a vq37 vhr

    Jordan Araujo

    Vqminati lol


    "We" you mean Roberto building and engine


    My favorite content is when you and Alberto build stuff and explain it.

    last leo

    when alberto literally drops in the crankshaft…i nearly lost my life…its now .001 thousand of an inch out of balance haha

    Devin Buchhorn

    Yall being too silly right now… 😂

    micah Lawton

    Adam LZ: “the off camera talk” takes 4 tabs of lsd.

    Nicole Daniel

    YES, I love the more personal vibe this vlog had.

    Ross S

    Who's the host name who's the one I liked on some kind of Smith ordinance or Snap-on I don't know these guys kind of suck of what they try to cover I met a bunch of old timers in Grandma's willing to go on Christmas on a bunch of liquidation

    Ross S

    Meet challenges on Prelude on what style before you're born on the 808

    deane anderson

    junk pistons. Very good rods.

    Ross S

    That picture I have on the icon if you really want to see me but I don't know is something called Johnny Morris I don't even know what Kimbella or Bass Pro my thing is Bass Pro the oldest but they purchase come Bella's and I think the Missouri is going to get really big I have to retract my statement kimbella's was older but somehow the new block I don't know but I don't know if they put all their apples and oranges when there's no fish with people don't use conservation

    Ross S


    Don Ogoobo

    Lathe turn the shaft on your ring grinder to 1/2" so a battery drill can run it. Speeds up the job a bunch!
    Buy the tool from ISKY so you can o-ring the top of the cylinders by hand. It is easy and stops blowing head gaskets.

    Ross S

    Do you even care you never f**** told on me cuz I've been blasting

    Alexis Gonzalez

    Shouldve gone HR

    Ross S

    Do you think VTech is the hitech you're funny as hell a variable valve timing I think that's something for a lawn mowers

    Ross S

    This look like a little baby clutch like a WRX not formula

    Ross S

    What the hell is the centrifugal hydraulic drive without friction a**** or a douchebag or a donkey or a****

    Ross S

    New play with gyro Spears with an advanced technology you beg to differ to hide your monkey-tailed you never said a word I didn't ever see nothing

    Ross S

    And Majors can grab that little clutch and pull them wherever they want

    Ross S

    Some engineer figure it all away. I gravity and centrifugal forces don't understand why you spend it that fast it creates a magnetism

    Ross S

    How did formula guys get like a 900-horsepower 2 L turbo and electric charge tell me that process if you can put through time

    Imagine the horsepower I'm in the RPM's almost detonate a lot of motors are not harmonically balanced I don't even know what that even means I guess

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