Monday, March 20, 2023

Building a Tube Frame Front End for the Huracan

Main Building a Tube Frame Front End for the Huracan

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    In today’s episode were building out the front end on the huracan, mounting the headlights and the front bumper to a new aluminum skeleton. Huge thanks to our …

    Clarence Calkins

    Oscar is the game plan!

    edward davenport

    Great progress! A very entertaining build to see. I along with many others would like to see some face time with the rest of the team as well. It would add a welcomed new dynamic. Cheers and good luck to the finish!

    joshua stewart

    The beast is getting there✔️✔️✔️😎😎😎


    Enjoyed you guys/Great work/You the guys


    Please make your widebody kit flush and not liberty walk style with all the bolts and that kind of things

    Edit: I don't know how this type of style for a widebody kit is called, thts why im explaining it like this

    Dusty McElroy

    Let Oscar do some explaining of what hes doing geeshh. Every 2 seconds you updating us on it is kinda of annoying! Love your channel tho.

    okan elkin

    I’d love to see Oscar have more of a presence in the narration of these videos.

    D Afro

    I look at Oscar and see the only practical use of trigonometry…

    Aaron Dugan

    Excellent work. Annoying ads.


    Well Oscar can now say he built a Lambo front end from scratch. That’s an awesome feat!

    G-Rider Management

    Oscar is the man with the master plan

    Brian Proffitt

    That man is a beast at building

    Cory Gearhead

    I can't wait to see what the final weight will be. Wondering if it will be lighter than a stock version.

    Donovan H

    Just name this channel “O is for Oscar” to be honest.

    German Ed. Leal Nino

    Óscar the real MVP!!

    Game of Bros

    hey this car is very unsafe . plase fix front

    Tim Johnson

    Oscar has some serious skills.

    Alex Ristea

    B is for build, and Oscar is (there) to build… for B (sorry, for Chris). If it makes any sense…🥴


    O is for Build? This man is incredible #OSCAR

    simon the king

    Wen do the neckst boat vidio

    Keith Perry

    Hey Oscar, that's really nice build you got going there bro.

    William King

    Any chance Oscar has been busy relocating the turbos?

    J.M. Brewer

    I think the bottom most outer bumper cover bracket should be tied into the top bar to keep it from sagging.

    Twix Cool

    B is for Build is not the same anymore since you let the people work for you.

    Darren Revell

    Should B is for build not be renamed to Oscar is for build?


    A couple crumple zones would have been a good idea. God forbid you wreck, all the energy will transfer to the firewall then you.

    Steven West

    Isn't that massive front metal plate going to play havoc with the aerodynamics of the car with the front grill letting air through to hit its verticle face?


    Not sure how legal that fab work would be for driving on the street, but I think you said the car was for drag racing anyway. It certainly wouldn't be street legal here in Australia Great work anyway. Love your vids.

    Cheerful Charlie

    Oscar is a bloody genius. Working from nothing to create a front end that fits the body panels/lights perfectly. Whatever you do, DON'T UPSET OSCAR!

    Szymon Krysiak

    Nice, I see Poland GT3 on the front bumper

    PiaGGio Driver

    Oscar is magician with that mettal

    Eli T6i

    Oscar for president

    Jeff Yarr

    Where do I get myself an Oscar? 😂


    On today's episode of "O" is for Oscar, we show you how bad ass of a fabricator he really is. 🤘👍🇺🇸

    Marcel Dekker

    Have you thought about the place of the "Crumple zones" in the front of the car for passenger safety, (sorry for the strange question).

    GDrive D

    B is for boating, Disneyland and paying others to build your "build". Also my GF wants more dad jokes and poverty booze reviews. I'd rather watch YOU factory restore a Dodge Neon than play shop foreman over this current build.

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