Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Building the Freedom Factory a GIANT Burnout/Drift Pad GRAND FINALE!!! (First Burnout Competition)

Main Building the Freedom Factory a GIANT Burnout/Drift Pad GRAND FINALE!!! (First Burnout Competition)

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    IT’S BURNOUT TIME BOYS!!!! Winner gets a boat… let’s see what happens!!!!! NEW CLEETUS MERCH!!!!! – Our 2020 …


    Be sure to let everyone know how free the are …. as they stand 6ft apart.

    John Puaa

    Cleetus that fucking tip in…James best fucking burnout EVER


    Better cinematography would be appreciated. Now just feels like a reaction video.

    nick loladze

    He’s copying mr beast

    Lenny dibartolo

    Freedom factory hell yeah brother

    P Braseth

    Bruce should of had the white wall luv


    A man had a dream and he busted his ass to make it happen! I'm definitely flying out from California to witness events here when everything gets rolling!

    Warrick Dyson

    James is on another level he has absolutely got it dialed!!!

    Shaniirne D

    James's truck sounds so angry. Love it.

    Darren Logan

    I thought the mystery machine looked small, the Lambo looked tiny lol

    Mitchell Barker

    Where's toast at ?

    james games and vlogs ronnieyoung

    lets see the EL camino again

    Konstantin Parkhomenko

    Lambo doing the burnout looked like a kid playing with a hotwheels


    RG’s hellcat sounds so freaking good.

    Edit: finished watching and the hellcat got screwed lol they easily got second place.

    Lazryc Rs

    Hell yeah deserved for James!

    Paul Roberts

    Happy birthday cleetus. Yeee yeeeeh.

    Shane Baker

    Most Awesome video ever!!! Y'all ripped it!!

    Daniel Shudra

    That cop car entry made me choke up hell yeah brother God bless America

    Fire Rat’s Playground

    U should do this at ur track it be amazing


    Issa Knife

    U should bring toast at the freedom factory

    Benny Aguayo

    i think we are all in agreement that james won


    Where is Toast???

    Al Kennedy

    Kool now there’s some black red and blue on whit bright concrete, nice red white and blue,freedom factory, nice chad, mistery cooper, nice James with a new boat, thanksBigAlCalifornia.

    Steve Hodder

    James will definitely be an Australian contender

    Toby Leve

    You should do a episode 4 of the bogger 3000 through the pond and make an exstention on the exhaust the relief back pressure who agrees make sure he sees this like it up so we can get that episode 4

Viewing 26 posts - 1 through 26 (of 26 total)
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