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Building the Freedom Factory a GIANT Burnout/Drift Pad Part 3!!! (ASPHALT DAY!!)

Main Building the Freedom Factory a GIANT Burnout/Drift Pad Part 3!!! (ASPHALT DAY!!)

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    Purchase the FREEDOM 500 PPV here – Broadcast @ 7pm EST. Race @ 9pm Friday, April 3, 2020 * This is not a public …

    Cleetus McFarland

    To be clear guys this is a PPV only event. There will be no one at the track but the racers and a few film guys. We will be practicing social distancing and taking any precautions possible to ensure the safety of our guys and team 🇺🇸


    If ChrisFix made this video; “and the best part, you can do this all at home with simple hand tools”

    Chase Long

    The beard just ain’t it cleetus😂😂😂

    Joshua Elsey

    When you said “1000” yards being poured, I knew exactly what you were doing. Being in the concrete industry, that’s a lot of yard for one place but it was definitely worth it! Looking good. Not to mention fibers, super strong concrete slab. ✌️😎 Can’t wait you see You guys run each other off the track.

    systematic self organization

    He’s going to do a coronadrift yay

    Drunken Hamster

    So what's going to happen with Cleetus and Cars???

    Juan carlos Luna

    MexiCAN! POWER!!! baby!!!

    Darden Oakley

    Definitely the best investment he could have made he’ll make enough to live the rest of his life with this place there’s so many things he could do there I hate when people have good money but don’t make long term investments he won’t regret this place

    Fickle Pickle

    Make a motocross/ side by side track with all of the leftover dirt

    johnny lopez

    Don't do it people are getting arrested for big gathering, it's better waiting for this shit goes bye


    When you're all done you should get it sealed it will make it last longer especially at the seams and it will look amazing.


    Do I hear freedomnats

    Travis Lesperance

    I personally dont like how the US does there asphalt. Base was done horrible! Asphalt was layed down too cold an too thin!. Here in Canada in the dead of summer this track would be full of smoke an steam from how hot we lay our asphalt down! Plus we lay minimum 3inchs, i know its cause the weather differences. But if our way was done in the US it would last forever lol

    Kamil Chromiak

    This channel is so dope that I'm following from multiple accounts. Absolutely loving the new track layout!

    Jan Ullrich

    happy to be here for these times. thanks for the content

    Francis st-pierre

    Ready to see formula drift 2021 in the freedom factory

    Johnny G

    Freakin Awesome! Great looking progress!


    I thought it was 25 cars?

    X II

    Kudos to you Garrett, and the Crew, you have an Army of Help wanting this to succeed in your vision! Your not just some track owner, you have blood, sweat, and bald eagle's into this!


    Man, the original owner must be shedding tears of joy seeing it being refurbished like now.


    I really like how it look like a regular costruction site and just next to it a cute little Lamborghini Turbo has parked.
    Meh, it's just dust and stuff.

    Bissonnet Boys

    Am i the only one that hates asphalt?

    Open Roader

    You now have left a legacy! I'm impressive

    Stephen Davidson

    I’ll be working nights, I just wanna know if I can watch it the day after or hours later if I purchase the PPV?

    Matthew Fox

    The federal government is sending you a check so you can afford to Watch the epic Cletus pay-per-view program / corvid19 quarantine what else do you have to do

    Racer Boy16

    Use neighbor as a pace car

    Sam Daman

    Ass fault


    I can’t even Imagine installing all those nitrous kits hahaha


    should have throttled up with cooper on the line..give him 150 psi and see how he handles it lol

    Tom Y

    It got to the point where “why didn’t you just take up everything” as you dug up so many holes that the machine could of just stripped the entire track down for a fresh look quicker.

    raphrose raph

    Building a race track 100% essential service ………………….. People out here dying and they build race track

    FinesseU Tv

    Bet it smells so good out there

    Mike Barnhart

    Such a huge investment this is going to pay off big time! Congrats boys!!!

    Dallas Croce

    so no concrete

    Michael Timms

    Red, White, and Blue gator stripes would add a nice decorative piece to the FF.

    E Olson

    No glue?

    Overtaking Lane

    Mad invite 😉

    Chris Wray

    “Big drift event” I’m calling it. Formula D is coming to freedom factory.

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