Saturday, March 25, 2023

Building the Freedom Factory a GIANT Burnout/Drift Pad Part 5!!! (SO MUCH GRASS)

Main Building the Freedom Factory a GIANT Burnout/Drift Pad Part 5!!! (SO MUCH GRASS)

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    Purchase the FREEDOM 500, Sponsored by Titan Fuel Tanks, PPV here – Broadcast @ 7pm EST. Race @ 9pm …

    Cleetus McFarland

    Click this link to test your connection, make sure everything is good before Friday!!!

    paul Wollersheim

    see that decent you got the sod for free almost just a little advertising


    dirt looks like crush and run

    Nightcore City

    i dont have money tho i do want to watch it tho…

    James Howard

    Looking like a cross between Brett the Hitman Hart, and a young James Hetfield!

    Yeah Nah Nah Nah Yeah

    man, youre the only youtuber that doesnt get an instant ad skip, im actually happy to watch a full ad, the FF is coming along so well

    Lee Odwyer

    The beard is fukn mint Cleetus 👌

    Bryan O

    Mark my words, someday we'll see a headline: Florida man buys Daytona Speedway.


    I can't stop smiling this whole video. my cheeks hurt.

    Jeff Gates

    Hope you shouted some beers


    Great work….Damn time zones and stupid virus ruin me watching PPV live..arghhh

    Oliver Craner

    Meanwhile every other car YouTuber are all on the FIRST C8 BUILD band wagon, after disembarking the FIRST 2019 SUPRA band wagon.
    Cleet is on another level. Being humble and genuine pays off 👏

    Coaster Productions

    What’s next that actual race track it’s self

    Rodney Anderson

    Awesome job guys

    Lechuga Two

    So happy for you cleet

    Michael Orozco

    didn’t even put the lawn care guy’s channel anywhere

    Darryl Cashman

    Turn left to win!

    john nelson bmx

    thank you Cleetus! for letting us be apart of something so Awesome!

    andy olive

    Great to see the USA social distancing USA will soon have thousand more dead due to people not taking the virus seriously

    Ethan Hubbard

    That brand new grass is about ready for plenty of crown vics to tear it to bits

    Jim Jones

    seriously you wanna try cash in on a ppv race lol


    buffers A LOT

    Jeoffrey Sanchez

    From the cement guys to the lawn care workers it would be super dope if you gave them lifetime free admission to certain events or even a big ass wall with everyone’s name who gave a helping hand

    Ej T

    Great stuff man, not only are you reviving the place and making it much better and growing your business. you’re also increasing the value of the property by a lot!!! Great great improvements

    Iaveta Courtney

    I feel Cleetus should have James with a go pro filming the shop and him working on cars hell yeah brother.

    Chris Elms

    Allyn Hayne LCN and some Greene Co Fertilizer!!! 1st Class

    Kurt Sumthinorother

    Holy Sh**balls Batman!!!!!! Unbelievable collaboration with everyone!!!! Those guys get premium billboard space for life!!
    I wasn't even thinking of it! You guys have some seriously valuable whitespace! Need to get ahold of an ad agency to sell ad space. With your viewers you are looking at National brands and MILLIONS in annual ad revenue.


    You buy a street sweeper you call me I drive one every day for S.C.A

    Bill Ammann

    Track is really shaping up and looking good!

    J Borcz

    Love the Macho Intro


    The lawn care guy was great.

    Ray Cordova

    Awesome I actually watch the lawn care nut sweet

    J Borcz

    I’m thinking you’ll need to regrade/ re sod after tomorrow’s race.

    marvin martin

    I feel a time lapse video inbound. ?
    Comparison series?

    Fat Italian

    You guys need to shut it down seriously


    Please give me a job! Look at my name and you figure out how to get a hold of me. Gmail

    Lorry Stagg

    Thats more grass than Cheech and Chong

    Justin Kittle

    Beautiful brother! Murica!

    Preston Ussery

    I wanna know how many people watched after the fact who else paid for it lol

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