Monday, March 27, 2023

Building the IRS Center Section | Cross Kart Build Pt. 7

Main Building the IRS Center Section | Cross Kart Build Pt. 7

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    We’re building the independent rear suspension center section for our Honda 750cc cross kart build! It’s decently simple- two pillow blocks, a Go Power Sports …

    Tyler Coates

    I hope this thing gets better looking as you complete it, because man that thing is ugly as it sits.

    Raymond Johnson

    Man, y’all gonna make a 4,000 lbs cross cart. Wanna nimble? Wanna have fun? Rob a irs from a raptor 700. Personally I hate that quay because it’s under powered but that ain’t gonna be a problem for y’all. So I suggest when y’all get this done and is sluggish…. do that or I hope y’all actually read your comments and. Get smart. Because you could stretch the control arms, (easy) make yer axels longer (also easy… because you could get em.) and cut the weight down by atleast 2/3 and have maaaaajer hight adustabitly now you gotta adapt suspension compontents to a Miata. Lame. All your stuff is gonna be trying to hold up a 600+ aaand growing weight for a car that was 2200 lbs car…. just food for though. Look into it meng.


    Do yourself a favor get a smaller front sprocket you'll find out why when you go to run it…. Probably start in the 13 to 12 tooth range it look like you got like a 17 tooth on the front there but you want to start in the 13 to 12 range…. You may need to go smaller or larger with your rear sprocket… button theory one tooth in the front is equivalent to putting three teeth in the rear or vice versa how everyone looked at it

    jason white

    You need to build this quickly otherwise it will rust out by the looks of it

    Hank Burton

    They say piss with the cock you have




    you guys really drag on with your builds now.

    kx two-smoke

    Thanks for the video.


    Looking forward to completion and hope you take somewhere worthy for a test.
    I still don't get the idea around MX parts, all i see is some axles and everything else seems like a waste of time when you could of made the control arms to custom size to fit suspension and travel for cheap (bearings + bushes are expensive parts)

    Good luck , i hate cause i realised with no money 80% of the time using new materials is the better option than wasting hrs on something old (specially when it comes to anything with power)… earth and beyond

    Julio Jr Silva

    LMFAO I know I am high AF RN😁 but was I the only one that heard that sneeze, yell or what ever the hell that sound at 14:35 😂😂

    David Reynolds

    WOW, I thought it was going to be a bit rough, but it’s actually looking like it’s coming together quite nicely.

    Try It all Tristin

    Hey love the vid but i was watching ratherbewelding and you guys are very talented when it comes to building karts sooooo i was thinking after this build you guys should make a off road kart thats lifted with the motor off the dukarty and take it to busco beach!! Just a wild suggestion


    speaking of Mini Mayhem, when will be the next one?

    Conjuring Idiots

    @carsandcameras Have yall ever thought about tig welding instead of mig. Its doesn't throw spark. Would be great for welding in the shop. That way you dont have to take it outside.

    joseph evreniadis

    Great build guys 👍👍👍

    justin fun

    Cut and sleeve the CV axles if you're shortening them

    mark smithson

    You guy know It'll always be fine!! Isaac knows what he's doing and we know John does too. Keep up the good work guys. Glad to See Isaac Driving the Beamer. Watched the Vid when he got it, was really surprised to see what he had to do to get it going. Wished the videos were a little longer thought But It'll be fine just keep us posted on the build. Faithful Subscriber from Southeast Missouri.

    Richard Bohr

    Were is the nascar go kart at? Can you do a video please

    ivan shapli

    whats ikes channel

    I broke something

    You have to name it the snow dog


    I know editing could be a pain but longer videos please!!!! I have a 200cc kandi Batman buggy that I wanna do a swap in and y’alls cross kart video is what I been needing for my build!!!!!

    Duncan Mac

    Got yourselves a frankencart! 😁 Good luck with it.
    Thanks for the video. 👍


    Well it dont have to be super stable unless your going to take it on the highway and try to set speed records like I have seen you guys do before trying to run faster than 80 miles and hour thats dangerous on a cart because they are so short and narrow and have tight steering ratio. If you are just going to drive it on a trail its not too awful dangerous. Making it the way you guys are doing will make it a pleasure to ride on the trails.

    kolin dore

    U guys should use Miata brakes for the best stopping power in case of a emergency when u have to stop


    Hey the BMW is cool. Nice save. I guess it was getting hot and pissed the guy off and he said I aint got time for this I gotta move so he gave to you… Nice. Ike sure I ll take it. 🙂 thank you.


    For the cart you are talking about- off road cross cart gonna want the front end a bit higher. Look at baja racing buggies/trucks~ you'll see what I'm talking about man👍


    E36 FTW!

    Tim Dunn

    Come to Alabama. I still think my miata will get yalls. Ur all can drive it.

    Sweeney Sweeney

    Hope this makes it to the next busco trip

    Camaro Rick

    Thats a lot of dogs going in that thing

    Jr Ramos

    You guys need to make a mini trike a mini bike into a mini trike pleaseeee

    josh youngs

    I would build the rear with the axle uncut. And match the front to that.

    Butch Sourbeck

    Click click click is that the sound of the lacing on the flat belt for that lathe?

    Al Green

    Love the crosskart guys it looks sick I can't wait till it's done!!! 🤙


    I want to build a low center gravity kart based of a challenger frame but I can’t think of how the suspension would work

    Swan Donovan

    "lathing" is that like turning?

    Steve Rosenberger

    I don't like the weld job that you have on the brackets for the main drive. You need to have a heavier plate under that shaft or you are going to have problems when you start torqeing that engine.

    Metal Head Hippie

    I'm from Alaska so har har.


    Just a thought. Did you guys happen to think about using a Beetle belly pan and front end? In my head, it seems it would have saved you a boatload of fab work. Take out the Beetle engine and trans and then build your rear end off the Beetle pan to mount your engine and axle setup. Just a thought.

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