Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Built Evo 5 Vs. Limerock Park!

Main Built Evo 5 Vs. Limerock Park!

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    I’ve been SO EAGER to get this car on track so you can imagine how stoked I was to get the opportunity to take it on the world famous Limerock Park track.


    25-27 mm rear sway bar and rearrange the rear diff disc…problem solve


    I love watchin adam on the track

    Kirk Arvin T.

    I'm giving this Evo a year before it turns into a fullblown time attack monster.

    Marcin Rokicki

    Love video. But you need open front diff for track days. Limited for rally stuff

    D Vas

    You need to brake later and use all of the track on exit if you want to go faster. You're leaving a good few feet on every exit.


    Loving savage

    Lorin Sabin

    how do you have legal evo 5s?


    Dude you look like an 80´s cop.

    Coltin Craigo

    You should race some time. Spec Miata or something

    Austin Coggeshall

    Love the track driving content

    Wesley Daemen

    i didnt get why he was so hyped on the evo's but i get it now

    Cool Boyrolrol

    I like the pictures it looks like a video game

    Heath Smith

    Tommy's Evo had its ears docked.Lol

    dad hats

    Adam listening to inclination!! hell yes


    How do i import one of these for myself legally??


    Ppl who think 4G63's sound good, need to
    re-evaluate their life.

    Chad Morgan

    That moment when Adam referenced Initial D cracked me up.


    To fix your understeer problem it’s probably either the anti-roll bars are too tight, so loosen them, soften up the front spring rates, use softer front tires (get those R888 off please….), and/or increase front end downforce.

    luca bergantino

    Me and my friends had similar issue with the 888 especially when they warm up too much they last less lap, with Advan a048 was way much better. How to play with Angle to avoid or improve understeer I think you know better than we (on the subby we open the rear toe to reduce this effect,then you are screwed up on the straight with more instability…). Good Job!

    Boggin deep

    Boring content these days

    Heinrich Ranches

    17:00 happened to my Evo. Check the battery terminal wires and all the grounding point. Mine was just loose same issue too.

    Heinrich Ranches

    AYC delete can trigger ABS malfunction.

    Connor reid

    Hey adam, have you thought of putting a splitter on your car? Might help with the understeer




    You need to invest in a ralliart speedo, 300km/h

    MSEngineering David

    Only a stupid mentions Initial D while actually driving at a race track.

    RVIDXR. 666

    Somebody help me get into cars I’m dumb

    Andrew Grant

    Haha i love the banter between you and Tommy, if he lets you hug him thats it, bffs, like actually forever haha


    understeer is just one of them in hair traits with all-wheel drive cars Audi was really bad with it and still is still kind of sketchy with it…. There's different tricks to driving with all-wheel drive vs. Rear wheel drive…. the biggest difference is your entry and exit how you are breaking sooner but then you're able to get on the throttle sooner with an all-wheel drive unit because you're not going to break loose and you can steer through the terms…. on a rear-wheel-drive do you apply the brakes later then you accelerate once your weight is transferred to where you need to foregrip…. Audisprofessional drivers learn how to do this and they also learned that momentum is the key when driving all-wheel-drive systems very being smooth and precise in the turns

Viewing 30 posts - 1 through 30 (of 30 total)
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