Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Built For Wheelies: LS9 Powered, Supercharged Drag Mustang

Main Built For Wheelies: LS9 Powered, Supercharged Drag Mustang

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    Tiana Weber built this Mustang to do wheelies, and beat her husband at the drag strip. We’d be good with her building it for any one of those reasons. But both?


    Don’t forget! This Saturday, March 2nd, we are kicking off our BRAND NEW YARD at Irwindale Speedway aka The Burnyard! We’ll be out there rain or shine and for the first time ever we’ll be holding tryouts to actually get your own episode of Daily Transmission! 3PM, Irwindale, be there or be square.

    joelongkillsall MC

    When ford driver's wanna be like chevy drivers😂😂😂


    This is a Ford.. It should have a Ford motor like a voodoo

    Beaudoin Motorsports



    bus down thottiana


    She has no clue what a sleeper is or a supercar, and Jon doesn't either.

    Michael Lepore

    eBay ? Yes I’ll take one of everything lol

    Bound Codester

    you guys should do a build biology on Cleetus Mcfarlands Leroy

    Roger Wallace

    Missed opportunity for a (Go baby go )button

    isaac shively

    How to make a Ford better?…
    Put a LS in it, well basically how to make any car better

    Peter Marino

    I think it’d be cooler if it had a built 4.6L modular 2V over an LS9. However, the LS9 is definitely the most interesting LS I’ve seen in a Mustang.

    Dorifto Kingu!

    So I guess Chase lost, LOL xD

    Jonathan McPherson

    28 10½ what's she referring to in more depth Thsnk you in advance

    [BB] Pikachu

    looks like a normal mustang on the street has welds wheels and fat tires SUREEEEEEE



    Audiwan Kenobi

    This lady stole my heart,I hope that her husband continues to love and treat this woman right.

    Wu Watt

    I like pretty big butted women… Hint hint.

    Lindsay K

    John looks like a baby 👶😆

    Conrado Berena

    Can you made a shi# Car video


    Ls9 with Nitro…. Mega sleeper.


    Finally, a Ford I like.

    Qub’s Garage

    For some reason I thought this said Drag Mustard. I was quite confused until I re read a third time….

    Back to the regular scheduled broadcasting….

    Kirk Hathaway

    gurls sure do love there mustangs!!!!!! Thats a epic ride fo sho!!!

    Jalen Jamison

    Built ford tough with Chevy stuff

    D Lugo

    That's a awesome wife to have honey I don't feel like changing the oil or brakes oh don't worry honey I'll do for you.

    gin ngo

    S!K ride. I get it. Start with cheap dime a dozen mustang, add the meanest domestic motor minus Hemi Hellcat / Demon & make rip. Why all the hate ?? I actually hate mustangs, & mustang owners, but I also hate Corvettes, Camaros & anything Hemi bcuz most of them are douchebags & they can't drive fast or well. Just like athletes & rappers in their supercars. But this mustang is pretty badass, & for the money it looks well built. Great build, great biology.

    Ol Dusty Trails

    Chevy in a Ford or not, good to see another cool build with a passionate owner that loves to just send it for smiles!

    Hellcat M6 Daily

    It doesn’t matter if it was a ‘64 1/2, it’s still a mustang(Chevy mustang) so it can’t be a sleeper.

    Chaos Rein

    Was this at cleetus and cars?

    Mark Sullivan

    I wish she was my wife!!!!

    Michael Devasto

    brings a purpose built wheelie car to hoonigan hq and does not wheelie the dock wtf

    Jonathanv Mcmullen

    How about calling out jd joyride to race his mustang? Ha!ha!

    Dalton Phillips

    what does she do for a job??? bruh can i come work for her

    Emerson B

    Bring back “a beer with”!


    The only mustang I would drive…

    Deangelo Lawson

    Those bald eagles under the hood would make old cleetus himself say goddd damnnn

    Gene Mounce

    Smart lady… #LSSWAPTHEWORLD

    BighomieJ5x –

    Xlnt build tiana , and thanks thanks for keeping it stickshift……takes mad skills to launch and bang gears down the track .


    Were are the 8 sec videos?

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