Thursday, March 23, 2023

Buying a Used Car? Here's Where to Look

Main Buying a Used Car? Here's Where to Look

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    Check out the shirt here: Today I discuss some of the places you should look when buying a car!

    ron kelley

    Jus got an 03 saab 9-3 convertible se as my 1st saab for $2000…standard transmission only 158,000 miles…

    Boogeyman B

    Don't buy a used car, the best option is to buy a brand new car considering a bank loan…low interest rate and long term, all of you are milleniun generation….you have an entire life to enjoy

    Brooke King

    Certified pre-owned is rather meaningless without a good warranty. Don’t pay more for CPO. Carefully consider the warranty, if offered. The peace of mind might be worth it or completely hollow. Details are important.


    My Dad’s BMW is leaking oil literally a month after getting it. My Saab which has 100k more miles is flawless

    The Weekend Driver

    I really like Autotempest for used cars.

    Scorpion Season

    You’re cute and I like the views from you driving.. the hills!!! I live in the great plains as they call it :/ Thx for this vid

    Mark Stallard

    just look on ebay for a really nice used 9-3

    problem solved

    Rodolfo Cervantes

    I usually go on CarGurus to look for deals on used cars.


    When I'm looking for a used car, the first thing I look for is if the nice alloy wheels have been spray-painted with $0.99 flat black. If they are, that's pretty much all I need to know. If they're not, and I look closer….. if the paint has been neglected, so has the rest of the car.

    Mx5Wagon is a great website, it collects all offers from different websites into one place.

    Joakim anderberg

    Great video jacob!

Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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