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Buying a used Land Rover Discovery 3, 4 – LR3, LR4 (L319) 2004-2016

Main Buying a used Land Rover Discovery 3, 4 – LR3, LR4 (L319) 2004-2016

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    Buying a used Land Rover Discovery L319 – produced from 2004 to 2016 How reliable are …

    Hans S.

    Great review!πŸ‘I have the 4.4 V8 from 2005…. it is a good car and exactly what I need. I am driving it now for 6 years …the most expensive repair was the air compressor, because I had to go to LR to change it. At 100.000 miles I had to change the O-rings for the injectors, no big deal… in fact the car is so good, that we decided to keep it forever! I am quite confident that it will survive another 15 years and then it will be already an oldtimer. This I wouldn't have told about my Audi A6 … the worst car in my life!


    These will sell to people who don't read motoring reviews, much like the thousands of people every year who buy Fiat / Dodge / Chrysler and Jeep. They only realise they own a POS when it either breaks down and / or they try and sell it.


    I appreciate your graphics. it's very entertaining

    vedo bosna

    golf mk7 review please!!

    T Sul

    Wow stay well away I guess!!

    Random Mercedes MGTOW

    this is worse than BMW

    Eugenijus S.

    so basically what you are saying – this car is garbage. πŸ˜€ great entertaining video! πŸ™‚

    ker der

    Basically all applies to all the cars.. Hehehe except Toyota the ugly wheelbarrow. Now it's also apply to me if I wake up wrong things can happen to me God forbids leaving the house.. Hehehe forgot to mention… The world is ending soon… Hehehe but that may or may not apply to you.. Hehehe now can I get donations to keep comments like that.. Hehehe thx


    Moral of the story, Dont buy this pile of shit!

    harji Simon

    Amazing details and presentation.
    Today's Haynes Manual πŸ‘Œ

    Carpe diem

    The Discovery used to travel 238 million km around the earth. The British version of the Discovery isn't even able to get off the driveway.

    Mc kaluge

    Nice way of saying don't buy

    dr. jones

    2 words…Don't buy!

    Vojin Zugic

    You sound like Nikolay Tanev πŸ€”πŸ˜ btw as always excellent video πŸ˜ŠπŸ€™


    What do you want from this garbage?
    Looks to me you are the Joe without the job and trying to make some pennies from youtube?

    Alex Johnson

    You never stop to surprise us with your reviews!


    BMW G11 7 SERIES 2015-2018 PLEASE

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