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Buying a used Mercedes CLK (W209/C209) – 2002-2009, Buying advice with Common Issues

Main Buying a used Mercedes CLK (W209/C209) – 2002-2009, Buying advice with Common Issues

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    Buying a used Mercedes-Benz CLK (C209 / W209) – produced from 2002 to 2009 …

    chidori z

    is clk 240 a good reliable choice?

    Normandie Viking

    Didn’t these models have galvanised steel body panels ?

    Ato Nympha

    I will stick with the diesel

    orion Orji

    Can you do the 2011 e550 coupe?

    I recently just purchased one

    albert krauss

    I ve own a clk 320 2004 from 30.000 miles[2011]till 84.000 miles[2015]problems:1 engine camshaft sensor at 70.000 miles,front light at 80.000 miles,fuel filter at 75.000 miles.never took the car to the service.did everyhing myself.The best car I ever owned.And I owned a few.Just loved it.

    Just Alex

    The lifters can go bad on the m156( 6.2amg engine)

    Ray Roman

    I have one. 2008, 4 cylinder, 1.8cc kompressor, coupe. Got it at 82.000 km and now it has 116.000 km. Not a fast car, but very smooth and does the job in a grand way. My only issue with it, is fuel economy. It drinks too much for such a small engine. Even tho the car is pretty heavy, i know. I'm going to clean up the air intake system, change all the seals there in, and change the mass airflow sensor too. I hope that will help.
    Apart from that, i love this car.


    I got the impression that this car is Shxt

    Voitures & Ingénierie

    I've owned a 2004 CLK 500 or 4 years and I run my own car YouTube car channel. Your review is SPOT ON! Simply the best over the whole internet. Bravo and thank you!

    Kevin Larsson

    can you do a review of a mazda 6 2002-2007? please


    Good car and review,I have a 2002 Jaguar S-type 3.0 V6,
    Best Video,



Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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