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Cadillac Just Gave Up on America and Why You Should Be Mad

Main Cadillac Just Gave Up on America and Why You Should Be Mad

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    Cadillac Screwed America Over and Why You Should Be Mad. Japanese vs American Culture, DIY and car review with Scotty Kilmer. Japanese vs American …

    Rudy Ruiz

    would an oil catch can work or would it be full before the next 5K oil change?

    Scotty Kilmer

    Never, and I Mean Never Do This to Your Tires:

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    Joel 74

    GM can eat my poo. When i was little "70s" most petrol stations would put the petrol in your car for you, but they would also check your oil for you at the same time. Some of them would also check the pressure in your tyres. If they brought this service back I'm sure it would save a lot of people a lot of money also creating jobs for people that need work. I have this engine in my Ute and have not had any problems yet, I do check the oil weekly tho. 🇦🇺


    I don't know. I put over 110K totally trouble free miles on my CTS-V. Was a very solid car for me that still drove and looked good as new when I finally sold it. But then again, I actually take good care of my cars so there is that.

    Ronald Greene

    Romney makes me laugh too because he's a joke

    Louie Panagoulias

    It's true. I've owned American cars my whole life. I don't know if I could do it anymore. It's not only that American cars have deteriorated in quality, but the Japanese have become really good at building quality American-style cars!

    Jeffery Grady

    I have a 1969 caddilac I am restoring! That's when caddilac reached it's peak in quality and has went down hill ever since then! Today they're the worst ever!

    Jeffery Grady

    Mary Barra should be ashamed of what she has done to GM!


    I would pick a Lexus over a Cadillac any day.


    Scotty, you’re not as smart as you think you are, you clearly stated that car was not all wheel drive. Look around 5:20 in the video, when you show the back of the car, it clearly shows CTS4. The 4 means that it’s AWD!

    tim Martin l

    You're titled you give up like you up on Australian manufacturing because General Motors said it's too expensive to buy to make cars here in Australia Ford gave up on Australia as well because they said the same thing all I give up on now is all manufacturers that make cars because all they want to give us his cheap and nasty rubbish and I'm sick of it

    R Rr

    Guess what? Any brand engine will fail if you don't check the oil. The CTS are dependable if you maintain them. The same as with any car. The reason they only sold 6900 is because that number was planned, not because lack of demand. Many manufacturers regularly stop certain models as a marketing tool.

    Manoli Kondolios

    I just bought a cadillac DTS with the 4.6 L northstar v8. I'm told that the issues with the headgaskets have been solved but I am unsure.

    bigboi51707 Warren

    This dudes hands are all over the place

    Swamp Cabbage

    Metric bastards making standardized equipment… what are they harbor freight?

    Mike Gray

    These didnt have the 3.6 till later???

    Jonathan Cooper

    Cadillac is basically a Chevy with a bow tie… And we all know Chevy's are no good nowadays


    WHere can I get this gasket kit

    greg b

    Well alot of people beat on some older luxury cars. I had an 09 cts for a year with about 130k always changed the oil and never had a problem.


    Comparing Toyota to GM is like comparing apples to a piece of wood. They are not even in the same fruit category anymore.

    عمر مؤيد

    The j.d power says otherwise Japanese manufacturers didn't make it even near the top. And I don't see the luxury in these Japanese cars although I owned a land cruiser and drove the Lexus lx 570 I really didn't loved them there engines r really not that powerful and horrible in acceleration. I own now a Cadillac escalade and my friend chooses the genesis g90 over other Japanese cars and both cars running really will very luxurious and more powerful than any lexus also Japanese cars are really ugly in my opinion.
    I really don't understand your problem with American cars 80% of cars I've owned is American the rest Korean, I drag race German cars like the M8 and win with the new gt500 and I'm really waiting for the C8 Z06 I'm considering buying it if it's reach my expectations cheaper than a lot of super cars yet better.

    Patagualian Mostly

    I'm Not Mad.
    But then, I'm not "american"…. (I live in an american country…but not that bit.)
    Yes, you should be mad. Sold down the river…time after time.
    Sorry… it's your problem. Sort it. Stand up and be counted. Demand change.
    Stay Safe.

    Harry Canary

    GM makes me very sad. They squandered a huge lead they had in industrial know-how.

    Gary Mouridy

    Lexus IS a dressed up Toyota . I have a 2017 XT5 , not one problem. This guy hates American cars.

    Eric Tsui

    good info but your camera is too shaky to watch. please keep it steady.

    Omar Zowila

    The 1st & 2nd generation Escalade’s can last forever

    ROBERT Thompson

    What do you think about the 2007 Cadillac Dts

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