Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Calvin’s HINTS his NEW Car in this video….

Main Calvin’s HINTS his NEW Car in this video….

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    i can’t believe we shut it down AGAIN. you guys are seriously amazing, can’t wait for the next stop, puerto rico! shop toyo gear: …


    Hope you enjoy PR 🇵🇷 goooo to Ponce and Orocovis

    Soarer Dave

    It’s a Miata or an 86 to match his BRZ/FRS lol


    rx7 miata or continues the brz who knows

    Justin Carter

    It’s probably the Miata if anything. Calvin’s more reliability instead of full send. That being said they have doing a lot of coparts so maybe a Porsche isn’t to far off.

    Joel La Imprudencia

    Can't wait to see you guys in Puerto Rico… 💯🔥

    Tyler Sanders

    What's the car at 4:24?

    Tr Vlogs Car Life

    Can't lie that chain does look hella dope on Calvin. Anyone in Maryland going to the Philly Show?


    Anybody notice tjs tattoo

    alex michal

    do bmw stuff

    Danny Badillo

    Calvin's getting a G37.

    Fatdog Gaming101

    Cant run? Speed walk!


    I don’t get the tj fan boy crowd. Some damn cult freaks

    kevin maniego

    i smell rwb

    Ignacio Fuentes-Cantillana

    Calvin should get either an s14 or an s15 cuz that would be a sick project car

    Spliff Films

    Hopefully TJ buys Calvin a Porsche. He deserves it! Like comment if you agree

    Max Brandt

    Tell Calvin get a fc and be a true hot boiiii

    Andrew Morris

    Calvin's definitely getting a Honda civic si


    Where do we buy tickets for the tour?

    Matt Souza

    Calvin is so fuckin played out he's been saying the same dumb shit on meme meme meme sounds lame he is a meme lil Philippines wears loafers an dresses like a anime fuck he don't know how to build a car acting like he's a perfectionist

    Larry Reyes

    Who's the girl in 6:37?


    cool frs

    Real Truth

    Calvins BRZ looks better than TJs car. Lol.
    TJ over modded his BRZ. Rice mode.

    Chris Trotchie

    no food cart?

    Trent Risetter


    Andrew Earley

    Did u use a different camera the quality isn’t as good as usual still a great vlog but the camera wasn’t great


    The red STI

    dead monk

    Least u can do is plug his twitch since u really wouldn't have any working car without Cal

    Matthew Segura

    I’ve listen to the out tro like 100 times 😎🔥


    what in Puerto Rico? where?

    kiixng wavvy

    2:46 release the herd

    Zachary Meeker

    hey teeg… e30???? your thoughts?

    CJ Adams

    Considering Calv likes to widebody and bag shit he should save up and full send an RWB kit on a 964 911. That would be a DOPE series.

    Will Perry

    Why don’t you ever drive any of “your” cars ?


    Does Calvin have a YouTube ??


    Hes getting an rx7

    K1ng West

    I see Calvin as the FC type of guy. Then you all can group build an FB 😏🙃 .

    TossedSaladMan iPreferSyrup

    Good luck, be safe and “KEEP MOVING FORWARD” in Puerto Rico.

    Pleb Number 84

    Aaaaa fb6_phamm at 3:12

    Lorenzo Sorrentini

    Cant wait to see you in Puerto Rico boiiiiii

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