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    MUSTANG 5.0

    Best mustang channel on YouTube BY FAR. I watch stangmode more than I watch the ford performance channel. It never ends….love it

    kg the great one

    That is a badass Camaro

    Billy Underwood

    It's awesome to see car communities all over the country ignoring their brand preference differences and coming together to help one another simply because of the love of the car scene. Good video bro.

    Tom Stamatakos

    Car community gets a bad wrap sometimes, but those guys rocked it👍👍
    Please go back and see what the NYC race scene is like💪💪🇺🇲😁
    Also NEVER FORGET S197 #Roush

    Dark Man

    I’m a s550 man but pushrod motors sound wicked I had a 85 5.0 and it sound lovely

    TheReal NateDogg

    6:56 haha had me laughin

    real talk

    That ZL1 looks so serious.

    Reebok301 301/202

    Cringe af when someone starts a car up and revs it right up cold poor zl1

    bee Lover


    Musil Man

    I like that dash way better than my 2017s… the 2015-2017s dashboard rattles like crazy it annoys the fuck out of me and idk how to fix it…

    Ricky Drone

    Beautiful!!!!! A great representation of N.Y.C. muscle crowd.

    Georgio Marks

    My dad gad a 2014 stage3 roush and it was fast

    Josh W

    I recently sold my gt350 because I had plans for the gt500 or a used gtr, but I leaning more towards the zl1 1le, I just think its the best bang for your buck.

    Dirt Shaker

    Mustangs still look better then Slowmaro’s…..

    Rickey Bowman

    Did I see you heading south on I95 in MD today?

    Guivensthecar guy

    Still waiting on vemons kill demons

    17ROUSH sam

    Great video bro, awesome content and Mishamoto radiator great upgrade for sure


    My favorite mustang is easily the 13-14.

    Reece Savage

    You can have friends but man your car friends are the real MVPs

    John Griffin

    Very nice to all on this video! See not all New Yorkers are ass holes great job boy's!

    Ronald Pollick

    Good people good friends you deserve it


    Stangmode… No trash .. Just Class! Respectful to all makes as long as they perform…
    It never ends.. good stuff!


    I just love that Roush Mustang. So beautiful in black. And I love the Roushcharger whine when it accelerates. Thank you so much for taking us along for a ride. Nice Camaro ZL1 too. Okay, StangMode, this should be a wake up call for you. The Green Mamba needs a supercharger! 😎


    Car people are awesome! Good friends 😎

    Larry Johnson

    I love seeing car guys come together to help out.


    Hey did you ever figure out the driveline issue?


    lmaooo what part of the island?

    Mike Fyxdt

    Nice to see the car community outreach to help a brother out!

    Aleksei Bykov

    ahhha u were i my neighborhood man, Sheepshead bay are. in Brooklyn 🙂 and i see uve meet Doug in black Roush :)) nice man!!! Should of called me


    Damn you came to Long island and I didn't know about it??


    I'll take the ZL1 over the GT500! I don't like how the dealers are leaching the GT500.

    Cliff Dukes


    dave j

    aren't "closed" air boxes a better choice, isn't that open air filter is sucking it hot air from the engine?

    GHC_GTO_ 6.0

    Thats so dope … from one car enthusiast to another doesn’t matter ford, Chevy , or dodge. Cars bring people together!! What a stand up guy for helping you out!! Looking forward to that future content with them nyc boys!!!

    Sonic Six

    Damn that roush makes me miss my stage 3 roush smh. I’m going to cry in the corner now. Great video.

    alen p

    Sounds ten times better the the Mustang

    marcellous austin

    Not gonna lie i love my zl1

    C M

    How is the ZL1 a secret. It’s probably the best all around performance car for the price. And I’m a mustang guy. Easy to admit.

    Chase Self

    I absolutely love & respect how humble & respectful you are to everyone you speak to. Nothing but good vibes this channel NEEDS to grow

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