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Can A Mercedes G-Wagon Actually Climb A 100% Grade?

Main Can A Mercedes G-Wagon Actually Climb A 100% Grade?

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    Can Mercedes New 2019 G-Wagon Climb Up A Crazy Steep Hill? Recommended Books & Car Products – Subscribe for new videos …

    Anzar Kunhi

    Buy a Toyota landcruiser to go off-road.

    Daniel Nepustil

    What an engineering video…. Real educational.

    * Wallys Kitty Kat Palace

    6:48…it has 3 differentials?

    Илья Сушков

    I was waiting when you will be climbing 100% grade! Why didn't you try that?


    I liked the video but car is garbage


    Now go complete the dragon challenge 😏

    Paul DuJardin

    Huh, this is why I took physics.

    Lachlan Beveridge

    Hey Jason. You should do a series called “Engineering Explain in Metric” for the rest of the world. Who knows… It could even catch on Stateside when you guys see how easy physics can be.


    The Land Cruiser can do all that and more, I am pretty sure.


    but can they do it on a cold raniy night in Stoke?

    Jerome Brown

    Coincidentally Carwow tested this with the Suzuki Jimny.

    Mark Beeunas

    Money pit, junk.


    And now, for the Jason score

    Pancho Northmann

    I know G-Wagons are excellent vehicles, I know they have amazing overkill all-terrain equipment, I know…

    But I also know that I only ever see absolute degenerate twats driving them around in Newport Beach. The mastery and absolute pinnacle of D-bag culture. I'm not a big stigma guy, but outside of a cataclysm or dangerous emergency I wouldn't want to be seen anywhere near one of the street versions. Maybe a refreshed German Republic military ute? IDK

    Nick Parkin

    who wants to take that much money worth of car off road tho.

    HaHa Too Slow

    I had those tires on my Silverado. I loved them.

    Ayo O

    The G-Class looks good on you bro👌🏾 and that Suzuki Jimny is definitely a little brother to the G


    ❤ it as always. Thank you for so much good stuff.

    BTW the sound treatment has been getting a bit iffy as of late, I understand the need for heavy compression but it has gotten so heavy that in combination with LPF required to cut out the rumble you voice has been getting more and more brittle and and piercing (1400 Hz – 5000 Hz) are a bit too present and the volume slider is basically all the way down as far as it can go for me.

    Love the content just a light critique because I care. 🙂


    I'm not sure if my 21 year old XJ has that much steering play?!

    Seth Plantz

    The breaking distance would be decreased if it had the AMG Brembos. Wouldn't that skew these results? You could put 6pot brakes on just about anything to achieve a 1g deceleration test, that doesn't mean it'll do 100% slope.

    Amanda Peine

    Suspicious math at the beginning. Shouldn't the normal force at 45° be 70.1% of the weight? 1/sqrt(2)

    Cameron Mogensen

    My 86 2wd can do that easy


    If you like the gwagon try a unimog


    Yeah, it's a box. But it's an iconic box. LOL


    I don't know what grade that Dravus Street in Seattle is, but it feels like you're going to tip backwards; shouldn't be any problem for this vehicle. Great for testing fuel pumps, too.

    Matt Johns

    200m of my driveway is about 45° and my wife drives up it in her Kia Rio.

    Lee Sin

    How's your crosstrek doing ?


    Thanks for the tutorial, Beto O'Rourke!


    Ive gone up well steeper grades in moab with my 4 cylinder, 30 inch tired TJ wrangler. just takes a bit of momentum sometimes, and thats not a grippy spiked metal ramp

    Austin Ross

    "distance equals one half times velocity square divided by nobody cares" i care… i almost pissed myself, but i care xD

    Sergiy Saliyev

    Overall it's a pretty cool and informative video! I do think however that you should also take the aerodynamics into account while you're talking about the braking distance. especially for this car since its got aerodynamics of a brick. I don't think it's quite as simple as just to say that the stopping distance is F=μ*N, especially on the higher speeds. And then there is another thing.. tires lose about 25% of their grip for a fraction of a second when you slam the brakes and the tires make that familiar squeaky noise. The better the ABS works, the shorter that fraction of a second would last, but nothing is perfect.. except this car of course 😀 😀 ;D jk

    Justin nitsuj

    "….all the house wives pulling up" lol


    Do you ever get tired from talking?


    Factually Jeep has been sued when and owner was trying to steep of a decent and it pitch poled resulting in a fairly disastrous ending

    Joseph Grace

    Try the Rezvani Tank.

    Dre Escamilla

    Bla bla bla just get to the action don’t need all that hoopla

    Panji 95

    Forget g 63,this is g class,if this to expensive just buy a new jimny


    Except on private property there is nowhere that it is legal to try to do this off road in our country. The damage done by fools trying is more than enough reason as to why it must be so. Even on made ( dirt) roads they now have to put chains across in winter. Because attempting to climb them in the wet season with your toy 4WD rips the roads to shreds and requires a minimum of tens of thousands of dollars per km to repair them.

    reality check

    I didn't realize Beto O'Rourke does car reviews !! Lol

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