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Can it do 50MPH?? 🤯 How To Make your Coleman Mini Bike go FAST!!

Main Can it do 50MPH?? 🤯 How To Make your Coleman Mini Bike go FAST!!

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    Can a $350 Coleman mini bike do 50MPH? Today we are going to find out its top speed after a few modifications. Jeremy and I just got done with episode 1 of …

    Lone Star Windmill

    Jeremy: it can’t do a wheelie.

    Matt: does wheelie.


    Art M

    Around 10:21 you can see the engine shaking back and forth.

    Casey Hafley

    I started watching your videos because of Jeeps. You have a lot of useful information. However my second biggest addiction is mini bikes. You are my one stop shop for videos now. The thing about mini bikes is you can’t mess with one without a smile.


    I did not expect it to be that fast. Lol I'm looking at a motor from harbor freight. I got a 6.5 hp and they have a 13hp… I Think that's the way I'm going.

    geoff simons

    You guys are having way to much fun lol

    Ri Le

    Y’all having way too much fun! Enjoying the videos!

    Tim A

    Throw a little nitro in the tank next time (RC fuel) and do a speed test, lol

    kenneth oliver

    Saw your video on lifting the jeep I have a 2000 tj bought 1.25 lift pucks and engine lift how did you deal with the transfer case linkage as far as after you put both in? This is my 1st jeep and am not sure what is the right way. Can you help?


    Name ANY other place you can get quality entertainment like this, I DARE you!


    What a joke. Billet flywheel, billet rod, Black mamba cam, then remove the govenor. Mikuni knock off carb with the exhaust upgrade. Easy 55mph.
    And save some money, avoid go power sports.

    Snugglez Brah

    “Hi I’m Matt with carsandcameras and today we are souping up a predator 212”

    Joshua Clater

    I laughed so hard at this video! Love you guys!

    Taylor Feist

    Hell yeah been waiting for a good video on these haha

    Jordan Hyland

    Can you tell what all this cost

    Evan Moon

    Safety would be first,but you left it in the dust

    Adventures and Fishing Outdoors

    MATT! Oh my god haha. Absolutely love this idea ! Did not see this coming ! Those cvts seriosuly ramp those Coleman’s to the tits!!!! Amazing. Would
    Love to see a real dyno of these things hahaha


    Miller lite powa!


    “Brought to you by miller light and Jeramy”. Like that guy.

    Kristopher mathis

    Freakin sweet! All 3 of my boys now want Coleman mini bikes! Me too cause I ain't a grown up yet!

    Matthew Wright

    I wish I had a Jeep and a friend like Jeremy. Life would be much more entertaining

    Jake’s Life14

    This video brought to you by, Miller light.

    Profit Lemon

    3:42 CVT stands for continuously variable transmission

Viewing 23 posts - 1 through 23 (of 23 total)
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