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Can MSS springs give our M2 GTS the stance we want whilst improving handling?

Main Can MSS springs give our M2 GTS the stance we want whilst improving handling?

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    After the success of fitting MSS Suspension on our F80 M3 we were keen to give it a test on our F87 M2 GTS too, so we reverted the car back to stock …


    Good video
    My M2 is also very jumpy
    Would the eibach springs be a good upgrade ?
    Just the springs with original demper


    f87 club!

    Stephen Hattersley

    Look forward to seeing the results with upgraded HPFP on stock turbo. I’m currently running 430bhp and 669nm on maxed out standard pump, very interesting to see what the standard turbo can actually do πŸ‘πŸ»

    Dumsani simelane

    This guy….πŸ‘ŒπŸ€™

    Ike 19

    Hey Imran, nice review those springs seem to be a good fix for the M2 particularly for daily driving purposes. I’ve sent an email to you for a quoteπŸ‘πŸ»

    Kevin Nguyen

    forgive me if I missed it in the video but does this create a softer feel to the car? Often times people say "improves handling" but that can be very subjective (some might want with a stiffer suspension. Some might want softer feel than stock but still able to maintain cornering)

    George Magoulias

    Do these come for an M3 E 92 by any chance?

    Matthew Prall

    KW height adjustable spring kit or MSS adjustable springs for the M2?


    Hi Imran and co.. Great vid as always!!
    That M2 is the original M2 GTS πŸ”₯
    I'm absolutely loving my MSS suspension kit I had fitted just yesterday.
    As you know I went for the 25 / 20 drop on my M235i but I'm already thinking of going lower lol…
    It really is a worthy upgrade it feels another level when pushing on 😁
    Even the braking feels smoother which I never even expected… I'm impressed. What drop did you guys set up front and rear on your M2?
    Thanks again πŸ‘Š

    Peter Hammer

    Didnt know there was an M2 GTS, was this manufactured originally by the M-division?

    Munir Mughal

    How does the mms suspension compare to the B16 kit?


    Nice review Imran, I'm sold. I think Ash mentioned that MSS are revising the kit?. What's the difference, what's the timeline for the revised one and is the one on the Evolve site the exisiting version?.

    Alex Matthews

    Where's the front splitter from? Love it!

    Stephen W

    Does a car fitted with MMS need to have the tracking/alignment done afterwards?

    Keith Leahy

    Looking forward to getting these springs in my M4 Friday @deathlyhallow_m4 Another great and informative post πŸ‘πŸΌ

    Racing idynamics

    Looks sick Im!


    This looked miles better on the silver wheels way back

    paul williams

    I spoke to you about these last year, also your turbo nobody got back to me tho

    Bogs Bonny

    That m2 needs a gts/cs steering wheel


    Me wantz

    John Coughlan

    Hi could you please tell me if you sell the m2cs style bonnet for a 2016 m2, great videos by the way. Regards john

    Enthusiast Garage SA

    Imraan your mods are very tasteful man


    Is there any way to make my m240i handle like the m2?

    Piston Head

    Oooooo nice M2 imran ❀πŸ”₯ keep it up πŸ™

    XimerTracks – Sub To Me

    Evolve Automotive


    Nice content! Keep it up! Would you like to be YouTube friends? :]

    Trap Town NCS

    lovely <3

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