Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Can this $200 Jaguar XJ8 Be Saved? Hooptie Rescue Mission

Main Can this $200 Jaguar XJ8 Be Saved? Hooptie Rescue Mission

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    Thanks to World of Warships for sponsoring this video. Download the game here: and use the code PLAYLANGLEY2019 to claim amazing …

    linda gurior

    the dash board reminds me of a buick lolo

    Keith Spencer Sr.

    Yes you to much


    You actually drove a car with a wobbly wheel on open road? 😮

    Mark Biggart

    I bought it that way 😂 “Bob”

    Brian Ross

    my first thought is its a jaguar and NO….but then again….it made it to 250k miles…..holy shit

    m782427 Waffen

    You should be trashed; at least the Jag has 'some value'.

    Logan saltzman

    Save it!!!!


    Ls swap

    Retro Collected

    Hey YOU yes! YOU – Become VEGAN you Snowflake! And help save a Jaaaag…

    Retro Collected

    So what next?! Um you're Dog bought you a Rover?! 75.

    Mopar And More

    1:15 to skip the ad


    Wow was that a shot at Royalty Lifestyle with the Leasing Deal?


    My vote goes to putting it down and parting it out.
    "It's not leakin'. That's just seepage…" Spoken like a true used car salesman! 😉






    Thats a good amount of miles for a jag. I have a 1989 525i with 289k and passed California smog… Until I broke a rocker arm lol

    Isaiah Williams

    Tyler Marie Hoover who do you think we subscribed to? We know you bought the car, I am not disappointed. I hate that New Years resolution and have been waiting for you to break since you made it 😫😭

    Chris Fusco

    "a little dirty" …ooooK

    c armentrout

    Video starts at 1:11


    Rare 4-wheel steering Jaguar XK

    Franz Marcos

    But it's okay because it's a Jaaaaag

    Edward Powell

    My jaguar is now a GM,ha,ha.

    Edward Powell

    If you buy,one swap engine for 350 small block,complete tare down, into 87,350 small block Chevy caprice.

    Edward Powell

    Its sad,I love the jags 95,jx6,this so this is how usa treat it,run it to hell,and then just get rid out,a jaguar motor can be swap for gm 350 small block kits,your lose.

    Glenn Goryl

    I like how he sometimes says "Jag-gue-waar". 🙂

    dunkin dounut

    BUY IT

    hamid malik

    I always hear twerk when he means torque lol


    Kill it.

    The Open Road

    Wobbly wheel!

    J F

    Wtf would you drive it on the road with clearly such a major rear suspension defect ….


    Video starts at 1:15.

    Wheel bearings? We don’t need no stinkin’ wheel bearings.

    Han Skinslo

    $280 for this? Then later, Hoovie says "$200" to the Wizard….. EIther way, I'm thinking Jaguar Beater! A Baguar!

    Brian Walton

    Hoovie your a star! Soo pleased to hear "JAG-U-AR" NOT JAG-WAR"

    2 1/2 decker Race car bed

    The huge dent on the side could be pushed out

    Dashcam Dumbasses

    I wouldn't mind a clean example of these old Jags. The ride is plush and the style is unmistakable. At the least they use ZF transmissions so they're quite reliable. The other bits leaves much to be desired though.

    leslie rhodes

    I’ve not gone through the comments but did you spot the connection with Ford cars

    Chase M

    Ugh…. scrap it….

    John Walery


    John Walery

    i will give you 500

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