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Can You Destroy a Toyota Camry

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    I Tried to Destroy this Toyota Camry, DIY and car review with Scotty Kilmer. Toyota Camry review. Trying to destroy a car. Are Toyotas reliable? Why old Toyota …

    Scotty Kilmer

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    Alvaro Velazquez

    Scotty can you do a video on window tint


    My 98 Camry recently hit 107,000 miles. Bought it from the original owner at 93,500 miles. Looking forward to driving this thing for many, many years.

    Elias Pleitez

    Looks similar to my first car. 1994 Camry had over 260k when I sold it. Lots of firsts in that car 😂

    Carlos Vasquez

    I know a lot of people, will not like, but the fact that I have a Toyota Camry 1992, my age, I only paid 800 it had 220,000 now it has 245,000 and still runs like a clock.
    Wow I’m just like wow, i take to the highway all time and I can 80mph all the time with no problem.

    Jeremy Jacobi

    What about the 94-97 Accords?

    Ratchie Leyvas

    I picked up a 2009 4cyl Camry with 150K in great condition for $3500!! The wife sold her 2005 V8 Expedition for $5500. She couldn't be happier.

    John-John Pascual

    Our 1997 Toyota Camry 2.2L LE XV20 Wide Body Made in Japan assembled in the USA, indestructible, built to last just don't hammered it hard, it will last for a million miles, us our first family sedan, used by my son(Our Son is leasing a 2018 Toyota Camry LE (XV70/8th Generation Camry) pass thru to her sister for her daily commute, from one generation to another while we are training her to drive cautiously in the street of Los Angeles, California. Best regards to all specially to SK! Thank You!


    Toyota is the Nokia of cars

    Clapa Memes

    My brother in law's first car was a 94 Camry had it for 4 months didn't do the oil change or check any fluids after the whole family told him to and ended up melting the engine. It's a shame because it only had 98k and had a beautiful well maintained body.


    I own a Caterpillar D8, so obviously the answer is YES I can!

    John Fountaine

    I guess the gauges are not as durable. They were not working.


    i wonder if the newer toyotas still hold similar standards in reliability.

    Sam Saengphaxay

    Lovin’ my 09 Camry! Haven’t made any major repairs to it and still running as good as the day I bought it!


    they're trying to sale me a 2009 hybrid camry for 4500…what do you guys think?

    Mike Foehr

    Seems like a lot of Toyotas are bullet proof.

    Captain Caveman

    Take it some where they salt in roads in winter it will be dead in about 3 weeks.


    My dad has this camry but a V6. Now needed a new engine. 🙁

    Jerry G.

    These older cars were terrific. Toyota was one of the best in the industry!

    Steve Silvas

    Scotty isn't Dead!😟
    He just smells that way😄😛🤪

    Steve Silvas

    Question…Can you destroy a Japanese Mitsubishi Zero?…


    Had 275,000+ on my 97 til it got stolen last year. Man I miss that car


    Luv my Camry !

    Random YouTube Videos

    Old cars are not as safe as new cars.

    Random YouTube Videos

    0:44 Make sure the good does not come up as your driving and smash into your windshield.

    Greg Brophy

    had 660,000 on a tercel

    Rick Hornsby

    lol "it takes off like a rocket" … meanwhile the tach and speedo are still reading zero.

    Κώστας Λεούσης

    I little bear up …. Toyota quality

    Seminole Fan Todd

    "Electric window doesn't work," … shows antenna.

    Joey Ryan

    Should i buy a 1998 2.2 4cyl automatic w 153k for 1600 bucks?

    cristian valdez

    Hmm scotty doesnt like mexicans. Ive noticed snippets here and there 😥

    Wai Lam

    Hey Scotty, what is a new car Equivalent today that is less than five years old? Thanks

    Dad Who

    "The electric window doesn't work" points to antenna LOL

    Saiga Legacy

    My Cruz died at 90k long time ago! Didn’t even reach 100k

    allan hughes

    The mother of all cars "heard that saying somewhere else not sure where "

    Kyle Pokorski

    Toyota had recalled all 93 Camry's theft can't believe that their customers haven't bought a newer car by now

    Birds’n Trains

    Have you ever worked on yugos and beetles?


    i dont know … cars is not only a tool to arrive you from point A to point B … riding these cars , specially toyota is sooooo boaring and there is nothing called ( enjoy the ride ) … its true that they reliable and tough cars … but they not compare with American and European cars how much you enjoy their ride

    alexis casanova

    Love them

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