Thursday, March 23, 2023

Candy Purple Toyota 86 Achieves PERFECT Fitment!

Main Candy Purple Toyota 86 Achieves PERFECT Fitment!

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    The candy purple Toyota 86 is complete! We take it for the first drive and it feels like a completely different car. Thanks @likewiseluke for helping me achieve …


    14:56 Why this look like a scene of born to race


    wth Randy knows how to sk8 :O

    Paul Tran

    looks goooooood!


    5:38 peep that mf riding with the dogs lmfaooooo

    Idham Syihab

    Norak anjiang


    Hey Randy do you have any tips on what to look at when you check out a used car you're about to buy?

    _RealG4Life_ Pr

    Clean asf 😍😍

    lawrence mcatee

    Is this fad over yet…..

    Koo Tran


    josby cuevas

    Janibert should make video. For your crew


    Needs bags

    Malak Khatib

    good to be back watching your videos and it is still funny as ever


    Go from…..high school slow cars, customized slow cars, customized turbo slow cars, sell it, then fast sport cars, ugh oh kids on the way , sell it, suv

    Thomas Watson

    Fark that's mean bro




    for this money you can buy nissan gtr from 2010 or 12 but it's still good car ( :

    reyes hernandez

    Simply clean an happy to see you guys all come along together an working as a team…..I haven't seen Thomas making any YouTube video in while feels good to see him on your channel Randy

    Den Kaensan

    I have a feeling this is gana be a give away car…..πŸ€”πŸ€”

    Virac Bou

    Wait so how tall are you Randy?

    GoGamers Go

    Randy,you can buy bodykit karma from indonesia in your toyota 86?

    Ricardo Smith

    I love how you save the car randy, i could imagine a sicka ass spoiler on that πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯

    Mykah Loque

    You frickn copied the stradman

    Abood Badawi

    This low without air suspension really?!?!?! HOW? my car got destroyed when i tried that

    J.S.C Gaming

    HOLY FUCK, LUKE, at 11:26 the car tilted on the lift, my fucking heart sank i thought she was bout to fall,

    Wild style rollers

    They should do an ae86 build I have not seen any videos on YouTube do an ae86 build with the type of videos that randy makes 😩 they would be the first ones and also make my bussy extra wet

    Jimmy Parra

    Cleeeeaan ride. BUT, you're missing your white illiminate windshield banner…

    Joross Tolentino

    Stance without the bags gang with cool mens

    Is that a rym

    Ilham Surya

    Karma BodyKit better for BRZ or GT 86

    Sheydon Harsalikhah

    What skateboard do you have

    K Dizzle


    Mizzy S.

    Shits hard fam πŸ‡

    Donboklang Nongsiej

    I want to buy it bro!!!!! How much


    Where is Kazbaru πŸ˜“

    Matt Misanthropy

    Wheels are boring, but it sits nicely

    Patrick J.

    Randy playing GTA in real life

    Antificator – Roblox

    Stradman Squad XD

    Kean Wayne

    fkin thomas with that janibert roast

    Muhammad Murtaza Ali Salman

    Bring the r32 gtr back

    Missael Diaz

    What color wrap is this it’s hard af 🀘🏼πŸ₯°

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