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Cars That Were Technologically Ahead Of Their Time

Main Cars That Were Technologically Ahead Of Their Time

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    This video features Cars That Were Technologically Ahead Of Their Time. If you wanna see Cars That Were Technologically Ahead Of Their Time watch this …

    Brendan Hayward

    I cant believe the poolude made the list. Funny.


    The Citroen appears briefly in Back to the Future II, as a flying taxi in 2015; ironically it was actually contemporary to the cars of Marty's father, as it was launched (in Europe) in 1955! Now that really IS ahead of its time…!

    Retro Garage of Olega


    Sterling Crockett

    Here's a few that could be added to this list:
    Jensen FF – The first production road car to utilize full time four wheel drive (as the term all wheel drive had not been coined yet) via a Ferguson Formula four wheel drive transfer case.
    Cord L29 – The first front wheel drive offered in the USA. Used the same DeDion transaxle setup as Harry Miller's fwd indy cars; Miller designed the L29 at the behest of E.L. Cord
    Ford Model T – First car to utilize standardized parts and assembly line production.
    Volvo 122 – First car to have three point seat belts as standard equipment. (These were an option on the Volvo PV544, the first car to offer them.)


    2:15 looks like a real Bond's car

    The Hammond player

    So we have the 300 SL and it had state of the art fuel injection yay, lets not bother mentioning the gull wing doors or the fold down steering wheel to allow easy access. The merc is advanced and pretty but the most ahead of it's time by far is the Citroen DS The hydraulic braking and suspension system was and is still today a absolute marvel not to mention the swivel headlights. The decapitol version of this car is one of the prettiest french cars ever made. I'd also liked to have seen the Ford Galaxie retractable hard top on here, as a folding metal roof is common place today but these cars had them in the mid Fifties

    Shane Norman

    Good arguments are made here for most of these – but the Buick Riviera? Because of its touch-screen? That's really a stretch, especially when you exclude such automotive landmarks as the 1922 Lancia Lambda (first monocoque; first FWD production car; first production car with four-wheel brakes); 1891 Panhard et Levassor (first car with engine at front, driving through a clutch to the gearbox, then out to the rear wheels – the layout for virtually every car for the next half-century); and, of course, the 1959 Austin Mini (walk down any street: how many cars under two litres do you see that DON'T have a transverse engine driving the front wheels in a two-box shape?).


    Did not watch full video, but the list I'm expecting is:
    Cadillac syclone
    citroen DS
    1983 buick rivera
    the GM car from the 50's which had a plane turbine engine (cant remember the name)
    tucker 43
    (some more cars i forgot)

    Robert Payne

    The Aston Martin Logando dashboard looks like you could sit you coffee on it, lol. Motor Ev1 sounds like a space car. I like the Mercedes 300. Good video

    Ray Chang

    Great video Car News TV. I don't care what anyone says, the Aston Martin Lagonda is the coolest car on this list! That thing had tech that was way before its time. Power steering exactly 2.0 turns lock-to-lock. Pop-up headlights. I've even heard that they put so many coats of paint on it that looking at one was like looking into a swimming pool. Even the camshaft covers say "ASTON MARTIN LAGONDA" on them. How cool is THAT??? The 3000GT was my dream car as a college student. Sadly, I never actually got one. I thoroughly enjoyed this video, Car News TV!!! Keep up the good work!

    Trance 9

    Oh yeah…that 959 is badass. They basically told ferrari and their F40 to shove off….lol
    The Tucker is phenomenal.

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