Thursday, March 23, 2023

Cars With Italian Styling And American V8 Engines

Main Cars With Italian Styling And American V8 Engines

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    This video features Cars With Italian Styling And American V8 Engines. If you wanna see Cars With Italian Styling And American V8 Engines watch this video …

    Joe Home

    Like putting panties on a gorilla.

    Dick Taylor

    No interceptor,pantera or grifo?

    EDWARD Hendersen

    Love Italian styling paired with German engineering ( karmin Ghia) or just European styling in general with German engineering and American muscle,great video 👍😀


    You missed one of the most famous cars a Jensen Interceptor, Italian styling and Mopar

    Atheist Orphan

    Never heard of the Momo Mirage before.


    Let's thank the Italians for pizza, amazing cars and beautiful women!

    Shane Norman

    Nice enough, but where's the Gordon-Keeble? English chassis, 327 Chevy, styled by Giorgetto Giugiaro for Bertone – and, IMO, the best-looking of all Euro-US sports cars.

    James Bell

    That is one of the most beautiful Alfa Romeo I've ever seen

    Robert Payne

    The Momo looks like BMW in the front. The Rivolta looks like older model Jaguar in the front.Good video as usual glad to see you back


    I Just Started to Watch The vídeo, and I assumed that the De Tomaso Pantera could Be here but It Isn't

    Tony Valdez

    Qvale??Never heard of this car,every video you find new car:)
    Iso Rivolta racing looks so good and clean.
    4:23 Alfa Vipero:)
    Yeah,Italians are best car designers ever!

    Johnathon Seagull

    Gorgeous looks But the only thing Reliable is American Muscle!

    Gildo Schuster

    What car is the one in the thumbnail?


    The Bizzarini was new, De Tomaso has always been a favorite of mine. The Alfa Stratadale looks like they've forgotten to finish it. "Make it black, we'll finish it later.." What a shame, it could have been one of the most beautyfull cars in the World. Just look at the Stratadale 33 from 1968. The new model … Just look at them side by side. One has a nice rear, the other's got something designed in Play-doh!


    Beautiful cars. The old cars still have a class that is gone from cars of today. Not to mention much easier to work on than cars of today also. That Cunningham reminds me of Austin Healey as a coupe.

Viewing 16 posts - 1 through 16 (of 16 total)
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