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Catastrophic GMC AC Problem Caused By Factory Defect on Condenser

Main Catastrophic GMC AC Problem Caused By Factory Defect on Condenser

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    This problem was first discovered by finding aluminum deposits stuck in the Schrader valve in the low side port. Think of it as a canary in a coal mine.

    Antonio Claudio Michael

    Great video Brian love the wild card Wednesday videos

    Charles Williams

    For shame, GM, for shame.


    GM strikes again.

    Nick 636n8r

    wonder if they fixed it with the 2016's?

    Sean B

    Nice and concise

    Samuel Bane

    These are a known issue…there was a warranty for certain models…gm knows….smh

    FLO Hernandez

    Man! I just had my condensor replaced @ same spot you pointed out, BTW I have a 2016 Chevy Tahoe w/ 91k in Texas… luckily my extended warranty coverage covered the $800 bill minus $100 for the deductible I had to pay. The mechanic didn't mention the other issues, I'm just wondering if the leak/problem started from somewhere else. I just had the repair done 2weeks ago and A/C is running fine. Just concerned that the issue just was the condensor and not the other stuff…… Great videos tho man! Kuddos to you and ur experience & knowledge and passing it all along in these in-depth vids!


    I appreciate the way you explained the “domino effect”. Thanks, great video.

    BR Harris

    Not the same issue but potentially catastrophic…
    The compressor on my 2000 Silverado completely siezed up to the point of smoking the belt. And this happened in January! Managed to get to a parking lot but that belt was close to ignition.

    Pete Lyczek

    GM product, eh?


    I’ve done 4 of these condensers in the last month. However haven’t seen one with contamination. Good to know it’s possible

    pedro rodriguez


    SATAMAN Schmidt

    And what exactly are you suppose to do about it? Does GM accept responsibility for this debacle and pay for it or is the customer screwed over and needs to buy a complete replacement AC system for several thousands of dollars.


    did you mean to say accumulator and orifice tube or did gm actually change over to receiver/drier and expansion valve?

    Billy Yoder

    Thank you Brian. Good job. Have a blessed and safe week.


    "Incredibly consistent manufacturing"

    Well that's the most diplomatic way to describe GM that I've ever heard 🙂

    The adventures of Javier 86

    You are 100% on the pattern failure statement. Seen this many times. Some on suburban/tahoes with only 20k miles.

    Piri Hern

    Better than sherlock Holmes.


    Darn good stuff I believe you know what you doing

    Gary Gilbreath



    whats the fix condenser,dryer, expansion valve/orficetube, flush? wow sounds expensive! sounds like part two comming.

    Windycity StevO

    Another Great informative vid…mine struggles at high outside temps but decent at norm hot temps….Thanks


    Wow. Sucks so bad for the owner! Sweet job of finding the issue!

    Matthew Smith

    Always a like for your posts. Keep em coming!

Viewing 25 posts - 1 through 25 (of 25 total)
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