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Cheap Flooded WRX STI Will It Run!?

Main Cheap Flooded WRX STI Will It Run!?

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    In todays episode we reassemble the STI engine, and try to get it running. Go to and find out how you can get 3 months free.

    barry rudge

    I have found over several years and experience with cars that have been flooded out are written off for a reason. No matter how much you dry them out and get the car running you can guarantee electrical components will let you down one after another. They might seem to be an excellent buy but they are not, that's why they've been written off. The electrical components alone can cost you more than the vehicle is worth. Better to buy a good car in the first place it will be cheaper in the long run.

    Shawn Davis

    Prlly water in the exaust system till it burns out too yoh ?

    Biohazard667 Productions

    I find it hard to believe that they are actually goin to race the harracan.. so many other cars were built and just sit with the intention to use em.. I hope this time it's true

    Robert Taylor

    A demonstration in how not to repair a car.

    Savage Fix N’ Flips

    Bro your intro had me dying, I thought I was the only guy who got in trouble in high school for hacking the server to change my grades lol.


    Not a fan of these cars but with it's awd and turbo. Unbolting the mid piping you can run in the high-mid 12's stock. But this is in California track

    Duncan Macleod

    i love how he says Step 1: drain the oil, yet he knows it isn't seized, because he rotated the crankshaft beforehand. typical bro move. have a bunch of people (probably young kids) buying flooded cars online thinking they can get an engine to run with bent rods, buying oil and coolant, investing money, time, and effort into a possibly damaged engine.


    Sounds like it had 0 compression but its just a video so audio could be off.. nvm duh it didn't have plugs in it

    Ted Howard

    I hate to get political, but your candidate is a bum. The revolution is over. The bums lost.

    Jeff Scott

    The water doesnt make the oil look like that. Water and oil DONT mix. Antifreeze readily mixes with water and will make your oil look milky. Might wan't to investigate further! I ran a LS motor with cracked cylinder heads for two and a half years. I only ran distilled water for coolant, no antifreeze cause I knew the heads were cracked and leaking coolant into the engine. The water evaporates very quickly at engine temp. Had to fill the reservoir every week for 2 and a half years. My oil never looked milky like that at any oil changes I did.

    Giovanni Hernandez

    About time they cleaned that garage

    Nimtesh Sharma

    Respect to guys like you who can bring a flood car back to life

    Dan imbriaco

    dirt in the idler pully

    DC2,A33,C170, CM6

    Hey, why didn’t drain fuel tank and clean injectors? Check starter and alternator too. It could kill both mechanical and electrical systems. 🤞

    John Derek Mitchell

    Watched the Lambo. Seen these 2 so far. Started watching the 240 series. Got to the episode of you explaining where you needed to go backwards for more cabin space and all your negative ninnies. You're about to the point of information overload. There are so many Automotive Shows that are Pro-Builders that the History of Hot Rodding is getting lost. Where do people think the professionals gained their knowledge? Somebody like Chip Foose who learned at his Daddy's knee took that passion to the next level. Dave K. is SELF TAUGHT. Trial and error. Vic Edelbrock SR passed along his knowledge to JR who passed it on to Cammie. YT has given you and a few others a place to show people what it means to be Garage Built again. Nothing fancy. Keep on keeping on. We'll keep watching and learning.


    I definitely would have pulled the motor, pulled the pan, cleaned with brake-clean, pulled the heads, cleaned everything you can touch, replace timing belt and related rollers and bearings, reassemble, and pull the plugs out of the bottom of the fuel tank to drain (all of my Subaru's have had plugs). Would have taken little more time than y'all took already.

    Arizona Auto Diagnostics

    When the MAF is unplugged the car is in open loop status not closed loop

    Jorge Figueroa

    Where is the Lamborghini bro..????

    Matthew Casey

    Chris where did you get the Lebowski 2020 hoodie!? I want one so bad after seeing it!


    A guy from Henry Ford's Model T Assembly Line is more of a Subaru Expert than that "good compression with no spark plugs in it" and "let me vape your exhaust" poseur is.

    Cole Docchio

    where’s your boat update?!?!

    John Smith

    Wtf so many.oil changes get a new engine if they get it running could be internal scoring damage etc

    Paul Ingram

    “And stuff like that……” in other words “I don’t know what I’m talking about..”

    Red Rolo

    B is for Broken on Arrival.

    Will Tinius

    Love the subi! I have a 05 sti and it's great! Since your big into the rejuvenation and oil changes you should checkout (shameless plug), but they make replacement oil drain plugs that are super awesome. It eliminates having to fully remove the drain plug to drain your oil… and you can do it while it's still hot. I just put one on mine, and it is so easy! Shoot me a message if you have questions and I can direct ya to the right one. No more dirty hands and or messes on the floor!


    Why wouldn’t you pull the oil pan to get the water out? Is it a nightmare on the boxter motor?


    Love the Lebowski sweatshirt.

    Spiffy WRX

    Finally back to watching the channel! Not a fan of super cars. 🌽🌽🌽

    Nick Wolf

    My health teacher says you should not get an STI. Also that engine looks painfull to do simple maintenance on.

    Russian Roulette

    in flooded cars it is a must to change all the fluids, engine oil, trans fluid and gas being the first. that way there is no guessing..

    Mike Upton

    Add some fuel treatment from Lucas Oil. It's essentially methanol to make the water miscible with the fuel and a TBN booster to help with acidity of ethanolated gasoline.

    Clinton Mays

    Dump a bottle of heat in it or fuel stabilizer.

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