Monday, March 27, 2023

Cheap Racing Kart Revival and Thrash!

Main Cheap Racing Kart Revival and Thrash!

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    We bring back an old Margay racing go kart I bought for cheap a few years ago! This barn find go kart was used by the previous owner as a racing go kart for his …

    Dollene McDougald

    black wido 670 vs drag rail w 670 winer gose agenst x kart winer vs 900cc dukarty

    Bruce Doucette

    I vote “Jeep trueacane”

    Andrew Harvey

    What sprockets are you running on this cart? Thanks

    Jamie Bryant

    How would you mount a bigger tire on a basic yard kart non live axle

    Jacob Sebastien

    It needs a Tillotson 212" 💪😏


    I have a very similar go kart that was in the back of Johns truck. It’s a Manco Phoenix? I think. Mines just the frame with everything except an engine.

    Michael Ray

    I didn't get a really good look, but I believe that is a Margay ProX from about 1979. Was one of the best handling (fastest) karts of it's time. You should consider putting a 2-cycle kart engine on it and take it to place where you can run on asphalt.


    What ever happened with the AWD cart?

    chris mueller

    i got a predator 212 on my mini bike that i got on a trade and i would like to drill some holes in the airslean cover to get more air will that be ok or damage it thanks cm

    David Kelm

    All these low slick carts build a paved track 🏁


    I have a 4 wheeler atv and I've been tuning and upgrading the motor but still have fixed the rear brakes

    Eugene Russell

    28.9 John was right in between complete control and losing it all.

    Know Bull5hit

    So when are we gunna see some 2 smoker twin action? Didnt you guys get 2 or three of them?

    Al Michenfelder

    Weld the set

    found dead repairz

    Hey guys I was wondering if you could give me some helpful advice with a carburetor problem that I've been having

    James McGee

    I want one!

    james kauffman

    Jimmy DiResta is having a go cart build off at his go cart track in New York. May time frame.

    Zach Claus

    I'm always down for classic C&C.

    Yummy Boarders

    2, 670s gotta do it now 😂

    Island Life

    It almost wasn't okay

    Matthew Cassar

    I like the new hagerty theme music and style

    Austin W

    gotta love a good ol thrash session

    juliano cesar

    man you're crazy you almost get lost in the curve
    kkkkk like

    jason white

    Get brakes


    guys, i need to see more of that sweet ass boat. that big blue and red trawler yall got, whats up with it?

Viewing 26 posts - 1 through 26 (of 26 total)
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