Thursday, March 23, 2023

CHEAP S2000 Carbon Fiber Hardtop Repair! AMAZING RESULTS!!!

Main CHEAP S2000 Carbon Fiber Hardtop Repair! AMAZING RESULTS!!!

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    Got some 2x clear coat and some sand paper from home depot and a little help from some friends, we were able to completely transform this sun damaged …

    Luiz Duenas

    I was thinking the same thing as Thomas, It must be nice to have your brother restore his whole car while his home. I never have seen the kid worked on the car. It was a good job done!!

    Johnn Nguyen

    Restock on hoodies any time soon?

    Justin Ruiz

    new wheeeeeeeeels for the 2k.

    Kean Wayne

    thomas is true tho, i havent seen henry do anything to that car lol unless he was forced to when he changed oil lol

    Hunter Z32

    Daaaang KT making me look bad! Z32 gang!! Also you guys did a pretty good job on Henry’s hard top 👍

    Tyson Palma

    8:14 i remember losing it when he said that the first time LOL

    Arai Yakomo

    Real OGs will know randy surfed the old hardtop.

    Fundamentals _

    Bro Henry does not take care of the s2k at all my heart hurts

    eric jones

    Came out good if you ask me!

    xxx xxx

    Hey randy why is your last name Truong but henrys last name is tran, just wondering 🧐


    Thomas: "im moving to fast for the paper" 😂

    Chris Patterson

    What happened to the Work Wheel giveaway?

    Say Sike

    You should get new headlights for the 2k

    Osvaldo Rodriguez

    Content with christian thats what OGs really want like old times 💯👌


    Yooo you make me want to fix up my front bumper cause the clear coat on it is gone lol

    Word 707

    Maaan the S2K tho…roof looks 50x better than it did before. I remember first video you had was the S2K ..haha too fast for the paper!

    faleeq faiqz

    i like that s2k🙁❤️

    Fastlane Hero

    Love the vids

    Mark Jimenez

    Nice hard top, but wheels gotta change

    Rafael Salcedo

    Tell Henry to put some 3 piece wheels on that s2k old days baby !!!!

    Isaias Garcia

    If randy likes this I’ll fix my hood tommorow


    Daily uploads please 😳

    Rutolo Automotive

    I’m too fast for the sand paper


    if you do another clear coat repair use Spray MAX 2K Clear coat. Expensive as Hell, but without a compressor and spray gun, Its the Best spray can clear coat…….. BUT…… Where a Respirator because it has Isocyonate very bad for you.

    Amari Jones

    It's funny how you guys went from black and white cars to looking like the power rangers 🤣🤣🤣

    Deathwish 101

    The og days were the best

    Thomas Dongprateep

    only 90's kids will remember the s2000

    Tom V

    Miss the s2k u need to do more vids on it man. Buy Henry a corola and take the s2k back hahaha

    Anthony Contreras

    damn, I would never thought it would ever look that good ! good job randy!

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