Thursday, March 23, 2023

Chevy C10 Work Truck Turned 669hp Party Animal: Zac’s Square Body Chopper Hauler

Main Chevy C10 Work Truck Turned 669hp Party Animal: Zac’s Square Body Chopper Hauler

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    Zac’s Chevy c10 square body lived a rough life before landing in the halls of the Donut Garage – and that’s saying something, considering everything we’ve put it …


    Water to air intercooler
    ForcedInductions interchiller
    😉 Just do it

    Kelly’s Cars

    This truck, and squarebody syndicate ss02 pushed me over the edge to get my 75. I need boomtubes!!!!

    Kelly’s Cars

    What about the GMC grille though?!?!


    Vin wiki eh.?

    Derek Andre

    Can we leave it at 6.9k likes

    Evan Boubouka

    If those bull horns don't end up on the hood of that truck I'll be supremely upset!

    Dalton Holliday

    Where did you get your boom tubes


    These were testies LOL…..Hurt with the delivery as usual!!


    But I just want to borrow it

    Maurice Campbell

    How often do you all replace tires?

    That Idaho C10 Kidd

    Hahaha yeees! He's a squarebody lover! More square content!

    Lucas Poole

    You do some shitty work. Did you ever wanna try, maybe, and do something you can be proud of?


    The real question is why oh why did you get rid of the Super Troopers stache?

    Nicholas O’Neill

    Bike build?

    E C

    Sorry Zac, nice truck and all, but this video is nothing without the honeybun smuggler. What the heck was that????!!!!! Lmao!!!!

    Glen Birchett

    Always good info. Thanks.

    Everton Ferreira

    Who is this guy..

    Paul-François Boss

    Watching this in class I got excluded of the class at does it party

    Matt M

    LOL Hert asking if you want the juice LOL

    Drew Buck

    Zac’s truck doing nasty burnouts sounds like a pissed off horny elephant in the best way possible

    Joe Joe


    Addicted4Life !

    God damn, enough with that stupid music when a question is asked!

    Alex Morales

    Bad and sexy truck…. What wheels are on that beauty? I would like to get those same wheels for my C10.

    Kanae Uzumaki goddess of wisdom and light

    If there’s one thing this truck is missing, it’s a second boom tube on the passenger side

    Paul Bailey

    Baddadbraddy’s ATS vs. zac’s boomhauler? Space race maybe?

    Rafael Sanchez

    Badass the main reason I'm still subscribed! I want to see more of this truck maybe at the track?


    "A concealed drink hidden behind bull horns with" I approve. 🤓🖖

    Think Ramen

    "I went to the gym today, I get to eat a honey bun" – Hert 2020, he is my spirit animal


    13:38 I literally have a jimmy that is the exact same year only I'm running a hand-me-down smallblock from my dad's Chevelle

    John Goddard

    i love it

    Jetson Carter

    I wanna build one now…

    Misael Orona

    where can i find boom tubes😅

    Braidyn Labonte

    I’m trying to build my first drift car in canada 🇨🇦 it’s a 2000 Mercedes kompressor any suggestions on what to do to it? I got a video of it on my channel and was just gonna see if I could get any tips or trick on how to do it thanks !


    I love this truck every thing about it, i need an old square body

    Korey Forte

    Perfect name 👌

    john moser

    Grab your testes and have a honey bun with Hert holy crap y'all dance that fine line ….too funny🤣🤣🤣

    john moser

    It's like a motorcycle with two extra wheels and room to take more stuff
    What's to know🤣🤣🤣👍😎👍

    Omar Beato

    Zac's that truck is awesome dude, i have same truck, same color 85 this is the ideal build

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