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Chevy Camaro Track Beast – Hoonigans Wanted Driver Levels Up!

Main Chevy Camaro Track Beast – Hoonigans Wanted Driver Levels Up!

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    You may remember Michele Abbate from Hoonigans Wanted season 1 – she’s been pursuing her racing dreams relentlessly ever since. And now, that’s gotten …

    Hoonigan Daily Transmission

    What’s your favorite form of Motorsport, and why?!


    Just watched an old vid can we get the pro drivers back in shartcart for a round 2 they were doing best of man line but shoud set up a short corse around the burnyard for them maybe even have a bit of pros vs unpros/hoonigan team

    Christopher Lafrance

    i know my boy smashed.

    Ahmed Adam

    Awesome legit racer and bad ass car! Great vid

    Jeremiah Story

    Finally!!!! A Trans-Am race car!!!! Big fan of this series, glad to see it's getting a lot of new fans and drivers! I get to watch the races on the Motor Trend app 🤘☠️

    brandon stewart

    Bro you trimmed your beard!!

    beegers outdoors

    California is a joke, to loud for a RACE TRACK!! Holy hell, you have to be kidding me.

    Sid Al

    Damn i'm semi there, Not quit the HP yet i run just 1 wiper blade myself if it rain's,
    Id honestly have a similar dash set up, I'm thinking a full cage and a 1 off independent rear suspension.
    By pass oem tank and use the hardware in a fuel cell, Hack the door's so they would be lighter.
    Modifie the rear side glass so it's more economic, So lexan or plexi,
    Then add a thin light tool chest in the back seat area, That way you have tool's and supplies encase you break down
    It's 27 or 28 and i proudly own it

    Patrick Burke

    "Limit power" you guys know the NNBS intake makes the most power of any stock LS intake, right?

    Sid Al

    That dash is really nice for the driver as it's convenient and as everything is right there for the driver, Why squint at a gauge when you can just see it out of the corner of your eye.


    Those muffler welds😂


    Garrets welds tho…. Garbo looking after watching Danger Dan lay the dimes

    Jaime Olivo

    that's my type of girl right there, that know her things and have a passion for cars… but damn who ever did the welding on the mufflers needs to get fired… those beads look like they were done by a 5 year old and that's a insult for them.

    Lutz Mowinski

    Is that a clutchless transmission? I think I heard about this one on Roadkill a while back when they dropped a real body on their stock car…


    Michelle doesn't realize how much of a gem she really is to Las Vegas…

    Who am i ?

    No crowd killing for you big boi

    Ultra High Fives

    It look like the lovechild between v8 supercars and nascar


    Can we possibly have a video of all Hoonigan sponsored car at the garage?


    Wow … I barely understood anything that was said … but I watched in awe til the end regardless.


    They have this series in Australia called TA2

    The challenger in the series look amazing

    Masoud Hosseini

    I really like Build Biology but your host’s camera sucks. It really does. Please use a better one.

    Dakota Lenzi

    Can’t even have loud race cars in Commiefornia smh. Man I wanna visit places like Hoonigan but I don’t wanna step foot in that state.

    George Smith


    Dylan Baker

    Do season 2 of drivers wanted? And I’d like to enter!! Or possibly feature fans? Or maybe a later season of selected fans

    Matthew McClain

    She seems really cool. Awesome car too.


    Cant figure out what i like more Michele or the car .

    William McKelvey

    WOW! awesome

    John Laird

    those Basset weels are like 50 dollars a piece, cool.

    Rutger Derksen

    Put a pump and filter on the quick change

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