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Chevy Equinox: No Reverse Lights / No Back-up Camera

Main Chevy Equinox: No Reverse Lights / No Back-up Camera

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    In this video we have a look at a Chevrolet Equinox that cam in with a customer complaint of no reverse lights and the customer also noticed there was no back …

    herman willis

    i have a 2010 pontiac g6 it might start 40 times and on the 41 it will not start just crank and it will start if you keepturning it on and off what would you sugest trying


    I wonder if you would be on the hook with "the lawyers" if they back over somebody. You disabled a safety system. If it comes in broken, and leaves broken, that's not on you. If you unhook it, and tape it off….gray area.

    Cliffy B

    Had no backup lights on an 04 express 3500 van. Was thinking bad range switch because the fuse was good. Good thing I checked the wiring diagram. BU LAMP fuse was for the backup light circuit in the trailer wiring, not the backup lights! Backup lights on the van are powered by the BCM. Replaced a blown BCM fuse and fixed backup lights and the dome lights. Got a two-fer on that one.

    Cuba Rodriguez

    On the tundra, your backup camera is nice. You can back up like a boss…. until you back up into a neighbor's decorative log…. 😂😂😂 You know I had to. 😉😉

    Straight forward diag… no use of scanner or anything. Keep it ultra simple.

    Phillip Matchitt

    Love your content, much better then that Scotty fella, very educational. Thank you.

    KY Home Garage KY Home Garage

    Awesome diagnosis and repair Eric. Thank you for bringing us along.👍👍


    the backup camera is really the only useful newer tech put in cars/trucks today as standard equipment that's really a great ldea.

    gto 55

    Great job.

    VW Gearhead

    Hey Eric – another great video. Also wanted to say I’m new to your channel and I’m hooked. I’ve been binge watching your old stuff nonstop for the past week. Absolutely love watching- you’re so thorough and I always learn something. You also have a wonderful family, and I find your “distractions” entertaining and usually really funny. Love the “toots” and “boogerd threads”. You’ve got the most informative and also entertaining automotive repair videos out there (I still feel this way even though I own two Audi’s and a VW – I know you hate working on them!). Sorry for the long post, but I just had to share my appreciation!


    Dr. O in the house

    Wallace Loper

    what brian is the flashlight?

    Rick Wright

    Old school small town whistle….. like the flintstones. Nice video fred!

    Todd Birge

    sounds like a typical gm chain noise in the back ground when you started it up.wonder if the pistons and rings have been replaced yet?

    BADD400 CB700 drums

    Good video Eric


    These are the kind of videos that made SMA famous! Real life issues that most shops would have replaced the BCM. Great video.

    Garry Iwankow

    NOT A CHEV GUY but great video will need some help with my jeep grand cherokee

    Lonnie Burkett

    Any one ever see the magical breaking rear window on GM pickups?

    Lonnie Burkett

    Looks like good old GM knew there was a issue, There is a updated part number 95407397 106.74

    Kevin Johnson

    I was surprised a fuse didn't blow when you plugged the camera back in and I saw the back up light flash for a moment and knowing you smelled the camera burning. Seems like a good cause for a possible fire. Thanks for sharing. Might be able to use a 'generic' camera.

    J Griff

    Another option on a vehicle that is not needed.

    Axel’s Fix

    I already had a similar problem with my mazda 3 2014, I had a back up light that burned and there was no cluster or back up camera and no license light, I found the problem that was a fuse burn under the hood and it was identified as multi, and all on a 25 I Think, I look for a good 25 min to find the fuse.

    Jesse Proctor

    You can replace the camera only. No need to buy the whole trim piece.

    sterling stephens

    waffles with REAL MAPLE syrup and SMA videos,aaahhh life is great!

    Kilo Rebel

    You forgot to flick the bulb got fooled at times thinking the filament was attached

    Gavin Valentine

    $100 for it on ebay

    Eddie 27886

    Camera – GM P/N (95407397) $106.74 GM Parts Direct.

    Willie Gillie

    Nice methodical troubleshooting 👍

    Paul E

    The nose knows!

    Moe Shouse

    SO SO SO how much smoke did you let out?

    Paul Spicer

    I want one of them license plates for my garage

    Sam Rugtiv

    Good deal

    Rod Palm

    Oh crap, now I have to watch to the end to find out what this issue is. That burnt up electrical smell is unique and it does work to diagnose electrical components. I've done the same thing many times.

    David Woodbury

    Did signal light work when brought in.

    David Woodbury

    What about signal lights left and Wright. Go through same cercit.

    Andrew Gengler

    Go Wisconsin Badgers!!! <sticker on back glass>


    Apparently a law is in effect that requires all cars to have backup cameras. (I guess the govm't don't care about adding more than 1k$ to the retail price of a car.)
    Are you allowed to not repair a backup camera that breaks for the 2018+ cars?

    John Hnetkovsky

    How many of these 2.4 Equinox/Terrains did you get with blown out rear main seals this winter(because of plugged PCV orifice in intake manifold)? We had over a dozen due to the extreme cold.


    they even wrapped the shit sandwhich with a bowtie

    Michael Gleason

    Better to be lucky than good!

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