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Chevy Malibu 2.4 : P0016 P0017 The Diagnosis

Main Chevy Malibu 2.4 : P0016 P0017 The Diagnosis

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    In this video I have a look at a 2012 Chevrolet Malibu with the 2.4 ecotech fresh from the auction. The check engine light is on with the infamous P0016 and …

    South Main Auto Repair LLC
    Big Blue

    How dare you. Cover that bean now mister ! makein' us hairless guys jealous !

    Thomas Baduria

    Has good news finally found a mechanic that is fair in price . It took me almost a year and half persistent does pay off .

    Tony Nanni

    Eric, great diagnosis. You really are a master and you don't give yourself enough credit, which is good. No one else could have done that I don't care what you say. Certainly, no one at any dealership could do that. GM garages don't even have scopes. I was wondering what you think of running the in cylinder pressure test with the cylinder actually firing? I have a couple cars that this could easily be done on. Dodge 4.7 with two spark plugs per cylinder and Benz with same. Could even do it on my mom's jeep hemi by adding a plug wire. I'm sure you understand the setup. Would this be useful? Would it worry you about the heat on the compression adapter? Any other dangers or is this a good idea?

    Robert Hancock

    So they lock out the bidirectional controls for the cam phasing if there are any cam phasing trouble codes.. When else would you ever want to use them? Not sure what GM was thinking there..

    John barfneck

    chevy malibis have phasers? : ) cool

    John barfneck

    chevy malibus are retarded?

    John barfneck

    what do you think about having your transmission flushed and filled with a new filter and how often should it be done..

    Rich H

    oh crap put the hat back on lol


    Diggin' the Freddy sweater

    Charlie Magoo

    Are there any duplicates in the rockawto magnet collection

    James Marks

    Goes out for romantic dinner with Mrs. O just to come back and diag some shit.

    Niamh Healy

    It's Action Man!! Looking good Eric! Hope you got the job. Would love to see the inside!☺️👍👍


    Eric Thank You for the video

    danny yo

    🚙 2010 tacoma with poo37. o2 heater no 12v to heater. fuse and relay good. i dont think comp is commanding power to O2

    Johno Vegas

    look at the slim shady hair… WWWWHHHHAAAATTTT????

    Norman Gallant

    Good find

    Mark M

    Hi Eric, your new hat looks just like hair…

    Neal elliott

    very informative diagnostic video, thanks for posting. from what I understand, the ecotech has known timing chain problems that wear over time.

    Kevin Baker

    Excellent call to do in-cylinder pressure!


    I hope you show the repair and the fixed signal.

    Oldschool Dude

    Tech2's are such a strong relic for a scanner. Always loved em : )


    Did you just come from Church .. ejetez your hat? I can smell the cologne !


    Eric, have you been painting?



    Mike Chiodetti

    The scope nails it almost every time! Great Diagnose!


    Don't let everyone fool ya, Eric. Grey hair is a sign of wisdom (or, in my case, living with all women…but I digress.) I'm not a hat guy so I like the no hat look. I thought I stepped up when I bought a Vantage Pro but am learning that one really needs a 4 channel scope to do this simply. Fantastic video, Eric. Thanks for bringing it to us.

    Chris Nairn

    Excellent video as always! Instead of a tool box tour maybe a What's This Tool For? during WUW. Best channel ever.

    Vasili Vladivostok

    A man who has seen far too much.

    PM Diagnos

    Eric, nice diagnose as always. I´m curious how did you solve showing both waveforms on the same screen? Very handy when it comes to compare :-)How did you do?

    Max B

    Love that transition at 16:25!!!! Great video editing : ) jeesh, these comments are blowing up about the hat, might have to do it more often to keep em happy : ) EASY!!!!

    Alan Matthews

    I think today garages are becoming automotive laboratories. You need lab quality test equipment to get the proper diagnosis.
    This is like medicine, what do I mean.
    Well and electrocardiograph is an oscilloscope of the electricity of the heart. The pressure tester is like checking blood pressure with a cuff. A automotive scanner becomes the CT scanner and so on.
    You need a MD degree to work on a car today.
    Dr Eric O is in the house.
    His auto garage is a auto hospital. Cars his patients each and every one he cares for. Diagnosis is his thing. Prescribed treatment and the car gets better. The annual check up is an inspection.
    Thanks for the great videos.

    Michael Simpson

    Who's the new bloke
    Wears Mr o

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