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Clutch Parts and Smarts

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    What are all the clutch parts, names, and how do they fail? Check them out new and destroyed. Facebook → briansmobile1 Instagram → briansmobile1 Twitter …

    Antonio Claudio Michael

    Omg a 98 4runner dont see toyotas on the channel much I work on 4runners a ton

    Antonio Claudio Michael

    Teach these youngins how these manual systems work brother

    Antonio Claudio Michael

    Great video as always Brian brother

    Josh Benney

    I learned to drive manual first and drove it many many years into I moved to U.S. then it became apparent that all of sudden driving auto!! Ugh. Good thing I still have my little car that's primarily town driving that is manual. It tried got stolen once, never did got far lol. According to cameras, THEIf tried to drive it manual. Hahaha. Good thing it's anti theft device lol

    Mike Wasowski

    Awesome! Super comprehensive. Thanks for sharing

    Bart Warner

    Thanks Teacher Brian! 😂👍👍👍

    james U

    Thanks Brian. I kept a souvenir clutch fork from a 1999 outback wagon which a customer wore through.

    Robert Oswalt

    I understand that excessive pressure on the clutch can cause the throw out bearing to fail. What I don’t understand is why people say that putting a car in neutral and releasing the clutch will cause it to fail as well. Can you shed some light on letting off on the clutch at a red light or when a train is crossing the road taking forever?

    Brit Boxing watch

    In the UK everyone learns to drive in a manual.

    walter xyz643

    do any auto maker still make manual transmission.

    Doug R

    They can’t ride most motorcycles either!
    Automatic bikes have been made, but not many. Nice video Brian.

    Homeless Hondas

    Tank you so much. My gf liked how it was explained an now we are getting all the parts. Save the manuals.


    Good explanation Brian. I have an '87 Ranger that needs a new slave cylinder which like many manual trans Fords is mounted to the splined input shaft.

    The adventures of Javier 86

    I make my parts house guys laugh when i say the transmission is Mexican.." IT HAS A MANUEL TRANSMISSION "
    my accent and my free dodge dakota(true story,needed a clutch) are manual transmission. Keeps the wife from driving them.
    Thanks for posting B


    hey bri happy may.also known as milinual anti theif device.

Viewing 16 posts - 1 through 16 (of 16 total)
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