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Complete Front Suspension & Steering Linkage Rebuild: Jimmy Resto Ep.11

Main Complete Front Suspension & Steering Linkage Rebuild: Jimmy Resto Ep.11

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    Subscribe today to catch all my upcoming project episodes and reviews! In today’s video, I’ll be tackling one of the most crucial portions of …

    T.F.D 1982

    Will you be doing a restoration instead of restomoding any vehicles in the future?

    StabTheDabb Productions

    Give the jimmy CTSV brake calapers.

    Road Runner Man

    Yeah awesome job

    James Avery

    Awesome video I love this rebuild.

    mike cole

    I built a 97 jimmy like your doing and I used the same bed liner I found it better then undercoating!

    AcesW I L D

    Your dad : "BITE ME" … hahah

    I remember him saying that when you were picking up your hyundai genesis coupe 😛
    Oh the good ol' days.

    Love this series thought Kyle, Keep it up buddy!


    It's worth saying that it's a good idea to put caps on any grease fittings that are likely to catch road dirt, otherwise the grease channel can pick up the muck and when you grease the parts up it can get forced into the parts and cause much more rapid wear. Often you can get suitable items from auto parts stores and caps for the bleed nipples on brake calipers and wheel cylinders can be fitted on grease fittings, or you can make your own using short lengths of windscreen washer tubing and melting one end together…

    Cody Weller

    Another great video kyle!!! Once again I wanna let you know that all of us at O'Reilly Auto Parts love you're videos! I cant wait to see the jimmy all done! Excited for the sound system episode!

    Thanks for doing business with us!

    – Cody from O'Reilly Auto Parts store 1218

    Francesc Xavier Pérez Martínez

    Shout out for dad!


    Truck build next


    When’s the next 240 video coming?

    S Boswell

    Can you do A review of A 2019 Honda CR-V when you get time?

    Lonnie Davis

    Love what you’re doing to this Jimmy

    Gary Bush

    I just found your channel and I love the Jimmy series. My wife and I just binge-watched the whole series to present. Can't wait for more content. We have also checked out your other projects. I never would have thought of restoring a Jimmy/S10 Blazer but after watching, they are pretty neat vehicles. If I didn't already have a toy (i'm not like you, I'm only allowed one toy at the time ;- in this case a 2006 Mustang GT Convertible show car) I would consider getting one. They're pretty easy to find. There are plenty of repair/restoration channels out there, but as I mentioned in the Chevelle thread, I'm old school. Not only are you taking the time to replace old worn out parts with new stuff, you are concerned with how it looks. You are taking the time to detail the engine bay and everything else that needs to be freshened up. Not only will the truck be brand new when you finish, it will LOOK brand new. To me, that's as important as the mechanicals. Too many people sink a lot of money in new parts and motors, and install them in rusty, nasty vehicles giving no thought to appearance. I guess the dirty, rusty look is the new rage. Different strokes, I guess, but this is what brought me to your channel. Thanks for your videos and your hard work. We will be watching for new content.

    Nick Salvatore

    The oil was the rust prevention system!


    Is he slowly turning into varg vikernes?

    barry cowan

    Just did a motor and lift kit install. Lots of work with minimal help is always fun. Hopefully it drives nice straight and tight. I know that chevy slop is aggravating


    I love this series but I don't understand why you are doing all this work and not upgrading the engine to a V8?

    Alex Scher

    Love Saabkyle04 videos


    Love this series Kyle, awesome job

    Matt Zegarelli

    4:34 Me when there's a new saabkyle04 resto video posted. Lol

    Morgan Ledbetter

    steering shaft has a rag joint or u-joint that could be bad causing slop. That's what's wrong with mine anyway.

    Logan Park

    So awesome the jimmys gonna ride like new, better actually such a cool project Kyle

    Hermen Lomas

    I went to Oreiley’s today and bought parts for my C10 because of Kyle ! Thanks bud !


    I recently bought and am fixing up a 2001gmc jimmy partially because of kyle's s10 chassis addiction

    Ed Pitchers 458

    Video Idea: Do a Interior detail on the GMC Jimmy by gutting it like the Nissan 240SX

    James Russo

    Kyle: I should make a video today
    Rain: Let me sing you the song of my people


    Nice job! Here in Quebec, we actualy put oil on our frame and suspension! 😩

    Vincent loves Ms. Parker

    LIFT THE TRUCK HIGHER, DON'T SIT, BEND, AND KNEEL UNDER IT. You should be standing upright if you can, and lower and raise the vehicle as needed. Put the stress on your lift, not on your body…


    10:47 now we know where you get your good looks from! lucky you get a long with your dad to work together on a project car. i can't say the same for myself

    Brian Hobbins Gaming

    When you will put the new engine in the Jimmy and during the summer show us a new episodes of the Chevelle Malibu and the s10 and the s10 custom made crew cab and the 240sx


    Lots of work

    Snowball The Kitten

    I’m gonna be lost in the comments someday. 75th!

    Matthew Smith

    Get rid of that vacuum 4wd Actuator. They make a cable kit to replace it

    Benjamin Wallace

    For degreasing just any surface
    Especially removing oil from metal or concrete etc
    I would like to recommend a product called “Drive Up Super Cleaner”
    $30 for a gallon of concentrate or $15 for a 32 fl oz bottle
    *on amazon


    I enjoyed all your videos kyle. All of them helps the world how to fix their own cars no matter what it is. BTW hello from all the way from New Zealand.

    Andrew Miller

    Awesome video Kyle!


    "WADDUP!" – Dad.


    0:27 i was just about to ask you again ahahah

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