Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Completely Disassembled The Engine From The Mr2! The Block Was Worse Than We Thought…

Main Completely Disassembled The Engine From The Mr2! The Block Was Worse Than We Thought…

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    Matt Berry

    I read the comments on a previous BB video saying build the engine yourselves, 4 piston is a rip off… This is why four piston engines cost so much. You cant beat real knowledge and passion for engines being built properly.

    buble bum

    very cool 🤝🤝🤝🤝 I’m from Russia and it’s interesting to see 🤝🤝 like 🤝🤝

    Adam Desjarlais

    Throw a built h22 in that bitch

    1979 MUTP

    JBR it. Toughest of tough.

    Mr. Ryan Lahee

    thats what you get with section 8 CSS….


    Your thoughts are 100% correct that the copper o-ring needs to be pushed back away from the bore. Whoever did the machining and installed that…or recommended that it was installed that closely…DO NOT use them anymore. They do not know how to o-ring a block properly.

    X Razorsz X

    You should make the old block into a table or something instead of chucking it, peice of glass, boom

    406 nova

    Like I said bad machine shop… In the video word started leaking

    Jose Rotary

    Get it done boostedboiz, #builditandsenditpapi, let's do this. 💯👍👍👍

    Honda Land

    Hope they are not torn or busted cables

    Honda Land

    Hell yea you saved so much money by taking it apart when you did. Attention to detail! Great job so far!

    Chef Boiard

    Legend has it there still waiting for that block

    Banana juice

    Use the bad block and make it into a table!


    Luck af 🍀😘


    I had the same issue last time I was at the track with my boost. On Wastegate (14-15 psi) my car traps 122mph, I turned up the duty and the car made 23-24 psi but only gained 3 mph up top and went 125 mph. Upon quickly looking around I found that I was missing a bolt for the Wastegate tube off my turbo manifold. I've now fixed that issue but haven't had a chance to head back to the track and test it out to see if it fixed that issue. I'm curious to see you diagnose the issue because I'm having very similar issues.

    Deangelo Dove

    CSS did that block?

    Shane Singleton

    I'm surprised Phong didn't walk in like.. "Hey guys I found this in my trailer. I forgot I had it." and set down a brand new block on the floor.

    Jostein Carlsen

    Why don’t you import those engines from japan and sell them. You and PFI.


    Probably it broke from tapping the copper o rings with a hammer and expanding the groove into the cilinder.


    Did you check your timing after putting the new tensioner on

    bloody death

    make a table out of that block please


    Well at least you found out now and not at the track 🤷‍♂️


    damn that sucks…so whatsup with the shower updates KYLE….

    Shawn Burke

    What adaptor or tool was he using to remove head studs

    Greg 24T

    I would def be taking that block to a different machine shop!!!


    Less time with the waitress and more time checkin n preppin them cars boiz….. keep up the good work chaps. Hey from Blighty


    That vtec cliffhanger


    how’s the intercooler?

Viewing 29 posts - 1 through 29 (of 29 total)
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