Saturday, March 25, 2023

Completing our RKP F90 M5 with Carbon Fiber Sideskirts

Main Completing our RKP F90 M5 with Carbon Fiber Sideskirts

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    Our F90 M5 gets the finishing touch with some RKP sideskirts to match the rest of the kit that is already installed. Perfect fit and easy to install, they’re a great …

    Luis Calderon

    This car is just so bad ass!!!

    Horis Mainza

    As for the side steps, those are not side steps they are blades and I love them

    Horis Mainza

    Those mags are rubbishy hideous

    Chas Kahlon

    Imran. Love your work, love your finished product. As for the car, next level.

    Natural BB

    Needs black kidney grilles

    richard trow

    I do love a bit of carbon fibre πŸ‘ and I really love your wheels silver bling , I've got the polished 624m wheels on my little M135i.


    If you're ever willing to give this car away I'll glad accept it and give you my 2011 320D haha The number of hours I've wasted on the BMW configurator speccing up my perfect F90 M5….

    William Djunaedi

    Next step, black out the chrome!


    Car is looking insane Imran. Good job boys.


    Man,…that Donington Grey is Kicking! I currently have a '12 X5M,…and '10 e60 M5. When I decide to let them go,…I'm either getting a Donington Grey F90 M5,….or the new X5 M!,…Alpine White!

    Edit: It's so freak'n sick,….it may need a vaccine!

    Ricardo Tejada

    Stunning! Any plans for those chrome grills?

    Enrique Palmer

    As usual, Imran, excellent and superb quality video. I am in love with that M5, I have owned several M5’s, the last one being a 2014 M5 Competition F-10. I now drive a 2020 750i X-drive with Evolve’s software pumping a healthy 650 bhp. It does 0-60 in 3.33 sec.
    Hopefully soon I will also buy a 2020 M5 competition and I am going to make it a twin of yours, here in the US. Thank you!!!


    Wow side skirts look great. Probably worth more then my car.πŸ‘πŸ‡¦πŸ‡ΊπŸΊ

    Russ Clark

    That is a sexy car, and those wheels 😍

    Bladerunner 777

    If this car had a pussy I would marry it!!!


    Why aren’t you doing the black out pack?


    They look awesome! The front grille would look great if it was black and the wheels πŸ‘ŒπŸΌπŸ˜

    Tyson Spencer

    love your videos and what you guys do ! The evolve intro makes the videos feel cheap, you guys are so talented I know you guys could do a refresh and make something amazing !
    Again love your work Imran keep it up

    Thabang Maine

    oh my god…this is awesome

    Mojooe V

    nice one

    Amin Valli

    Another slick video again Imran. Car looks amazing with beautiful subtle touches that accentuate the car and make it pop. Great colour choice and the carbon sets it off

    Parvez Ashraf

    Love your channel imran, I like the m5 with the kit, when I get my m5 I want you guys to put a kit on it

    Plane For All To See

    OMG for a second I thought they were just going to be stuck on!! My relief when I saw the screws.. look the bloody biz.. 😎😎


    Imran, I love the carbon but during the delivery you said you are going to change the kidney grill to black and they are still chrome πŸ™
    BTW Love the videos and your company!Β 
    The quality of the your work and videos is truly top notch!
    Best Regards form Poland



    Dan Ked

    Never liked silver wheels but I do on this, black you loose so much detail.

    DarkHorse 1978

    The M5 is looking monstrous now with all the kit put on. Would you not consider changing the wheels or have them in black? πŸ˜πŸ‘πŸ»

    James Harper

    Colour and styling on the car is beautiful. Don't like the wheel design but ./shrug it's subjective and you can't please everyone with a wheel choice.
    Overall – really like.
    Torn between F10 and F90 M5s and E63S (wagon) for future post-depreciation purchase. I think the E63S wagon may retain too much value to be as bargain as the F10. F90 may hold more than F10, but way less than E63S in 3 to 5 years I wager.
    Better start saving, hadn't I…

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