Saturday, March 25, 2023

Cooking Breakfast on an ENGINE! Header Hot Plate Go Kart Mod!

Main Cooking Breakfast on an ENGINE! Header Hot Plate Go Kart Mod!

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    We modify a go kart muffler to cook breakfast! We turn an ordinary go kart engine muffler into a hot plate by drilling holes, welding up the factory exhaust exit, and …

    Alex V

    Look up hotdogger exhaust cooker, clamps on a snowmobile header with a hose clamp

    John Ulicky

    95 octane eggs lol

    Michael Cook

    Cool idea…and it filled Ikes belly!


    One of those little one egg frying pans should work perfect on that "hot plate."


    So will this be ar Busco beach at the new It'll Be Fine Cafe

    ThriftStore Hacker

    Needs a cover to keep the heat in.

    Martin Luther

    LOL it looked pretty tasty

    Alan Gee

    Well done! Chickens looked unhappy but it'll be fine.

    Dustin Hays

    when in doubt pinky out!


    Weld up a cast iron skillet muffler! More even heating than the sheet metal. Then put it on your golf cart so you can go into town, buy bacon, and have it ready to eat by the time you get home.


    Why not try to make a hotplate from small coiled pipes connected to the drilled holes in the muffler?

    Ioan Nichols

    “Classic America breakfast” I’m pretty sure that came from England 👌

    N8NK QRP

    What the hell! Thick sliced bacon or regular? Uncured or what I'd call 'normal' bacon? Not callin' ya Breakfast Boys till u give up the goods on the bacon

    Ed B

    Hot sauce is absolutely necessary

    Joshua Martin

    Love it 😍 2.0 ✅🇦🇺

    Shawn Forney

    What's with the O'Reilly's ads? 3 in a 12 minute video, I didn't mind the first one. Very disappointed, I loved this show. Now your gonna ruin it.

    Bobby Campbell

    Truckers have been cooking this way for decades. There's even a cookbook online that tells you how many miles to drive until it's done!


    Hurray for stupid projects!

    ChiefJustice Middleton

    build the 2.0 out of stainless steel and make it with a hot sauce injector

    Ken Bergren

    Driving and cooking for the win


    "Tonight on Triple D…"

    Matt Taylor

    love it!!! you guys are kra kra!! keep them videos coming!!


    Did you see that chicken in the back ground with the knife looking at Isaac lmao I think she was hungry

    Sam Phillips

    Ur videos are good but 12 to 15 mins is not long enough u have the viewers who would say it should be longer… so why not

    Doc Ink

    A simple plate welded to an unmodified muffler would work with a frying pan. my grandfather had a model t cooking device that slipped over the exhaust pipe and clamped on with set screws. basically a big pot welded to a flattened exhaust pipe, he said they cooked all kinds of stuff in containers..think boyscout mess kit pot and lid…

    Jack Ogden

    Kerrygold butter be slapping

    motoman 714

    Red neck cooking at bosco beach?

    josh robinson

    Used to heat up MREs on top of a HMMWV engine.

    Wes Shaw

    Thats awesome


    Hey, you guys should open up a drive-thru…


    You do realize that now you're going to have to take that to Busco Beach & cook breakfast for everyone, right?

    Devon Mcfall

    Should try and make one for the golf cart so you guys can drive it to get crab and put the crab in it and by the time you get back home it’ll be ready to eat

    joseph evreniadis

    Very cool idea guys 👍👍👍

    Dan Solo

    I Loooove My EGGS With Green Tobasaco ..! Only thing We Can't Buy it in The UK..! BOOOOOO…!! Hint Hint (Send Us a Couple O' Little Bottles Overwith My Shirt Order… Lol

    Zackery Underhill

    Anyone else notice ike looks like the singer of reel big fish.

    Cannon Lopez

    How elegant


    Lol nice work guys.

    Martin P

    Maybe you can make it out of copper to exorb the Heat

    Dave Kimbler

    You can now buy a 12 volt lunch box that does it also !

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