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Corvette C5 Z06 | Best Sports Car for $20,000?

Main Corvette C5 Z06 | Best Sports Car for $20,000?

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    We review the 2001 – 2004 Chevy Corvette C5 Z06 and why it may be the best value in the used sports car market. We discuss the best and worst features and …


    The beginning soundtrack sounds like "Schmitts Gay Beer" theme song from a 90's SNL sketch with Adam Sandler, Chris Farley, and David Spade. Which is actually Van Halen II – Beautiful Girls . It's High School weight room music that Jerry Sandusky used to listen to. Same type of young people drive secondhand Vettes in the U.S. They're like villains in 80's action movies.

    King Jerel

    I think the 2002 Z06's have telescoping steering wheels. But I get it ive had it on my other Corvettes but it sucks not having one now.

    Sergio Martinez

    The amount of telescoping that steering wheel did made my diddly doo tingle alil-bit.

    Skip741 x

    13:15 whoa, thats a genuinely insane sounding and terrifyingly fast car! But "it feels like im sitting in a garbage bag!" dude, the comments were just cracking me up, loved this review!!!

    Terry M

    Different CAM!!!!


    Non American here, aren't there any garages that take previous gen corvettes and update the interior to a modern and high quality touch?

    sebastian Sm


    Cassette Walkman

    I can live with the interior but I don't like Applebees. Shame, I'll keep looking.

    Kyle Marsh

    yes. it is. I own one


    How very appropriate the the auto-generated closed-captioning variously interprets this car's exhaust note as "Music" and "Applause."

    Gman Neo’d

    Hay guys love your input and thoughts on the Corvette Z06. After watching the review, I may consider a Corvette as a possible weekend toy. I would love to see you do more reviews of the 90's and early 2000's sports cars. Way more interesting than another SUV/CUV review, which isn't your fault just the current market. While current cars are engineered better today thanks to modern computing and materials (including less cheap plastics), I think this era was so memorable because of the number and variety of sporty and sports cars available. Truly an awesome era in motor vehicles that will never be seen again. It would be interesting to have you both continue to review these sports cars including the fine high performance Japanese versions from this time. Thanks, love your more educated reviews and knowledgeable perspectives provided in your videos!!! Much more interesting than quirks and pulling on visors.

    Dick Fitzinya

    Uh, guys…the speed limit sign at 13:41 said 45 mph…


    I'm sorry but the rear-end treatment on the C5 is a deal-breaker for me. I've tried to get over it but I just can't. And the coupe styling just makes it worse. 🙁
    At least they got it right for the C6, then fumbled it again for the C7, then got it right again for the C8.

    Bob Saget

    The steering wheel does telescope dipshit it’s on the right hand side of column

    Finnish Car Guys

    Imagine being that unassuming youtube browser, who accidentally clicks on an unassuming C5 review. Hashtag scarred for life. Jk, great work as always, Mr. Goose & the Geese.

    Al Jamal


    Best intro so far 👍👍


    That's just late 90's GM interior…Class or price didn't matter. Garbage across the board.

    Toguro 100%

    I am four minutes in, where is the regular guy, sick of this whine fest.


    Garbage Manufacturing

    Brendon Fleming

    Dude has no idea what hes talking about when it comes to gm

    Keith Howells

    Sounds so awesome!!🎼🎼🎼


    thank you for convincing me that i want and dont want this car

    Milan Mitrovic

    Todd is an actual treasure. His scenes are hilarious.

    Hans Landa

    It’s light and has great aero, suspension, brakes, beefy 6-spd, and an LS6…. Interior, schmrearior!!! Gut that crap, install your seat(s) of choice! (not to mention parts are CHEAP)

    B Blackwell

    Those beeps didn't really work

    Dr FARCE

    AMAZING Intro!!!

    victor bozzo

    The main reason why the Z06 is SO LOUD is not so much the exhaust. Even with the stock exhaust it is noticeably louder than the Hatchback. The reason is as part of the weight savings they ditched all the sound deadening in the car. To be totally honest that interior looked beat to hell but then again the GM plastics are not exactly known for durability. Spend the extra money and get one with under 30k miles on it and you'll be happier with it.



    Jay Barrow

    Don’t like the interior? Gut it and you won’t hear any more rattles. Looks cooler too.

    Drew Yager

    Review your Harley


    I love that the audio mix includes all the creaking


    How did GM get the interior so bad? Easy. By being GM in the 90s.

    Alberto Interian III, Esq.

    When I was a senior in HS, my dad bought a C5 Z06 405hp. I remembered being scared shitless driving it. With a claimed 0-60 of 3.9 seconds it was one of the fastest cars in town, matching the 360 modena, 911T, etc., and all for $50k new – best bang for buck by far. I once raced a Murcielago and we were neck and neck up to 120mph before we broke it off. The "Zog" was a legend back in the early 2000's. It was like the new C8 in terms of market disruption.

    Wrench Every Day


    Jack Kanov Ysac

    5:55 it does look like a caviler…wow

    Terty Werty

    Now review a C4!

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