Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Cozy Coupe Go Kart Build Pt. 2 | Rolling Chassis!

Main Cozy Coupe Go Kart Build Pt. 2 | Rolling Chassis!

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    Our 550cc Little Tikes Cozy Coupe is a rolling chassis! In this episode, we build a front drop axle with springer spindles, steering, and weld it all up.

    jason birch

    What are the chances they castored the front axle? If they squared it up with the frame that thing is gonna toss somebody off in a hurry.

    Steve Johnson


    Cam’Ron Howard

    U should race the hot rod wagon and the drafter

    c jac

    you should have done this with a wheelbarrow, it would have that T bucket look and more space
    you can even mock up a little wind screen on it

    Virginia Cobble and Hardscape

    Happy New year yall

    Itz_gray_ 2019

    Next step: make it radio control and put a baby doll in it or something!

    Itz_gray_ 2019

    Shoulda asked Santa for a welding table!

    Itz_gray_ 2019

    Holy crap it’s been such a long time since I watched one of your videos! And I’m…amazed? 😂😂

    Tanner Smith

    I need some help here if you can pls make a short video on putting a torque converter on an older vintage yard cart I have a predator and torque convertor and I just need some help on what to do

    calm callum

    American Graffiti is a great film!


    Oh Yaaaa – Crazy Nice!

    FUN NnY

    The T bucket in smokey and the bandit had the flat steering wheel too


    Ain't no big thang…..but your cozy coupe is actually a roadster.

    Anthony Gagliano

    I like the frame/wheel/engine….. the little tyke thing is silly, should’ve done a wheelbarrow for seating instead

    Phantom Hemi

    Don't like it. You will be sitting up way to high. You should cut off the face and put it in the front, and then split the body to widen it. That way you can actually sit down in it.

    Corey Carver

    Looks cool. A small beer keg gas tank would look awesome

    reddragon stacking

    I think that you really need to move the face up front and maybe cut up the seat area and extend it with more plastic or even make up your own back half with metal and paint the same colour red.

    Ethan Wilder

    For more room yall should have used a racecar bed 🤣

    Chad betcher

    Love this, keep killing it guys

    Lucas Mallette

    My boy Brad Marshall will be proud!!

    William Branco

    I would like to see you guys build a cross kart with a big gold wing engine. It would be awsome


    Your fab skills have got so much better since you guys started. You guys should be proud of that.

    Mark Smith

    The box tube looks better anyway 👍🏼

    Benjamin Nadeau

    What kind of welder do you guys use? I'm just starting researching them and I was wondering which to start with.


    Love the steering on this little dude

    Classic Joe

    Something tells me you could blow the hoonigans "car bed" outa the water..

    GC GUY

    yall should do Bar Stool Racers next.

    john bernier


    Daniel Jacobs

    I was thinking dang good bye head, they knew the comments was coming lol

    Malin Jones

    Good to see that you’ve grown out of them slow ass lawnmower engines can you please please do a 2 stroke bannchie cross cart build so you could compare them and go for rides together

    bass catcher1.0

    Make a cart out of a race car bed

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