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Crazy&Funny European Dashcam Clips #2

Main Crazy&Funny European Dashcam Clips #2

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    6:06 what happened?

    Gabi Moldovan

    3:18 My summer car 🙂

    Gregory Thomas

    @4:04 Justice Boner Achieved 🙂


    1:55 hahaha


    Wie immer spitze👌


    That was a really good video! You really offer the best entertainment!
    Thanks a lot for this!


    0:27 is romania


    1:52 ok das mit den scheibenwischwasser is echt geil xDDD


    2:08 jetzt sinds 4 neue Gefahrenstellen


    Should I be proud that I'm Polish? I mean… There is a lot content coming from my country, so… 😀

    Shadow Cruizer

    what about those yellow buses lol xD

    Shadow Cruizer

    5:05 made me think of Roblox..

    CM Boile

    Das ein Rennrad bergab ein Auto überholt, was soll daran den besonders sein?! 🤔🤷
    Was war denn da mit den Gelbwesten los?? 🤣


    Diese schwarze mitten auf der strasse denkt wohl sie sei in Burundi….😩

    Manuela Möller

    7.28 da möchte ich aber nicht stehen müssen 🤣


    4:00 😂 lmao that's crazy funny


    And everytime I wonder how Polskie drogi gets involved in so many accidents and crashes

    N. R.

    Das meiste sind uralte Clips…

    Christian PINTY

    Da waren echt coole Clips dabei.😂


    Animal clips 👎 Rest of compilation 👍


    Those asshole protesters in France in their Yellow jackets.
    Why would they want to damage that car, when he clearly could go through.
    Just give those dickheads a little push with your car!

    ZaToX ProD

    5:40 Epic police chase ^^


    5. 40 😂


    When history looks back at car crash videos, BEST OF DASHCAM EUROPE should be the channel they remember. Thanks.

    Jan Schlossar

    00:13 obnoxious aggressive scum of the UK (brexitnoz)


    Die Beat It Einlage hat mich gekillt 😂


    0:51 just stay and watch, don't bother to help. Maybe that unit was on call to your house. Yeah. Bye.


    5:12 That catched me ( ͡⊙ ͜ʖ ͡⊙)

    Captain even slower

    2:05 und so schnell waren es 4 neue Gefahrenstellen


    6:28 Haha, wie geil! 😄


    Bienvenue en France 😂

    Mazda Mx5nl

    Hi all,

    I’m the driver of the car attacked by the yellow vest. I just would like to clarify some things.
    1. I didn’t drive in to people I went around them.
    2. I didn’t hit anybody with my car! The men on the left throws the box with at that time undefined objects to my car. And claimed to the police that I hid him. The police looked frame by frame to the dash cam footage and there it was clearly viable that I didn’t hit him.
    3. When I got out of my car to check for damage and talk with the guy I was attacked by about 5 or 6 people and HOT chocolate milk was thrown in my face. And when I tried to get in the car they pushed my door against me with two persons resulting in a head injury.
    4. They where blocking already 5 weekends behind each other the supermarkets and it’s the only day we could do groceries. As also for a lot of other very frustrated people.
    5. An official complain was made at the police but later dropped because lack of manpower at the police. The same day the car of an “important person of the city” was burned by the yellow vest. And all manpower went to this investigation.

    I hope it’s all clear now.

    Cam used is the DDPAI M4 +

    twist3d sanity

    wenn nur öfter videos kommen würden^^


    New Video 😍🔥



    They see me rollin’

    6:03 Ich dachte das sollten lustige Clips sein und nicht welche die einen wütend machen

    FabyyCF / Fabian2jz

    4:03 song?

    Android Man

    I can't go to Europe right now so my best way to see Europe is with Dash Cam Europe!. You are the Best!!!🍺🍺🍺🍻🍻🍺🍺🍺🍺


    Volvo… ensuring offspring since 1949!

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