Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Cross Kart Custom Mechanical Speedometer Install!

Main Cross Kart Custom Mechanical Speedometer Install!

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    Installing speedometers on go karts, mini bikes, drift trikes, and other mini machines has always been difficult, just because of the custom fabrication that has to …

    J B

    Hi guys, very new to your channel and I'm enjoying it very much.
    I wanted to ask in your experience what is the most recommend starting size cart and power for a new user, kids 7 to 10. Something that is not a waste of money if they decide not to like it later but enough to have fun.
    Thanks for your videos.

    Jesse Reed

    When you go to the meet up put sand tires on for the drag race

    Eli Townsend


    rj McClain

    I see the 300zx in the back 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽🤤

    Kevin Crawford

    I love yalls videos I’m subscribed to cars and cameras and to isaacs channel love you guys the videos y’all make for us are so inspiring thank you guys so much keep up the amazing work!!!!!!!!!!

    Josh M86

    Some people suck. Just some guys having fun building and testing. Oh let's call the cops.


    We also got hit by dorian so i havent had power until today so i couldnt watch these, glad yall are alright


    Your neighbours suck!! Haha

    daniel bean

    It's bad when you can't even enjoy your own toys on your own property during the daytime. People need to learn how to mind thier own OLD ASS GEEZER business. Just cause they're 3/4's dead with 1 foot in grave and other on a banana peel. They obviously think you should be miserable aswell. Die you old fart already.

    Patrick hughes

    The needle on the speedometer looks like a match

    Sam Mason

    Yal need a more efficient shifting method

    Michael Werbick

    If you stay on your property they can't do shit unless their is a noise ordinance on the books.

    Murphy#1 Family

    What should I use to build a go cart

    Murphy#1 Family

    You should do a give away


    I love your videos and I only watch via YouTube so I'm unsure if you fixed your paddle shifter dilemma but I had a suggestion since Ike's brother has a bike shop

    I was thinkin something along the lines of two pivoting paddles adapted or similar in operation to bmx bike brake levers that pulls on cables that then go through a bmx style brake detangler so the paddles can be mounted to the steering wheel and spin 360 degress if there is enough room behind the steering wheel and the dash, then to a cam lever that you mount on the shifter shaft where the current shifter sits.

    Keep up the awesome projects!

    Kennis Johnson

    You cannot let your neighbors bully you around like that. What y'all do on YouTube is tremendous I bet they would rather you doing prank videos 😂

    Daddytroll sw

    Good stuff


    those cops are gay

    Spag The Maker

    "It's got potential." I see what you did there.


    You should organize a bike rally/run near by and ride through the neighborhood.

    Jokey Jesus

    Y'all for paddle shifters could probably get a brushed electric motor with a bunch of torque and connect it directly to the splines of the shifter and make the paddle shifters just reverse polarity and send it a certain voltage to make it work


    I think y'all are going to play hell calibrating that speedo. It's designed for a slower turning speed than you are turning it. The bike it came off of probably had a 16-19 inch wheel. Even if you go to larger tires, I don't it's going to help much given the amount of "gear reduction" you have with the skateboard wheel setup. You might find you have to go to a much larger "gear" to get it to work out.


    you were using an alternator, they only produce power after they hit operating rpm, so they don't load the motor. a regular dc motor would generate the power needed from 0rpm, or you need to connect the field winding to the battery through a regulator. if you had an electronics geek handy you could have a digital speedo and tach for future upgrades. as to the motor oil, any 4stroke car motor oil would work, the original manual would tell the proper weight, that's about it, maybe thicker cause it's an ancient motor.

    Scout Master DongBag

    Please enter this in a hill climb event or take it to an auto cross event


    Uncap the headers on Ike's truck and drive it around the neighborhood in first gear, being careful not to break the speed limit. The neighbors will wish it was a go-kart again…

    Scout Master DongBag

    If you use a flatter angle with your flap disks they’ll wear more evenly and will last longer


    If y’all have Miata cv axles why don’t you look into putting a Miata speedo on it because all you need is the gear and the reader


    You guys should try a Q & A video sometime, where did you guys meet? Sweet video btw

    jeff vanbrielle

    buddy, i use an angle grinder every day at work as a welder, leave the handle on it and wear gloves for your own good, stay safe!

    Jason Heinrichs

    Just curious but why didn't you just buy a cheap GPS speedometer? Would have been much easier, no mechanical anything, you already test stuff with a GPS speedo app on your phone, why not gps speedo?

    Daniel Frick

    i should probably watch more of the video before commenting

    Daniel Frick

    setting the speedo off the engine would make it rpm dependant instead of wheel speed dependant making it assuming it's tuned correctly only good for one gear i do however like the idea of electric motors for speed values


    its sad to see the neighborhood rips go, been subbed for 3-4 years and I will miss them soo much. Rest in peace neighborhood rips.


    I am glad you guys are ok👌🏽

    Ulysses Downing

    When you do you may have to change the size of the skate board week it may need to be smaller

    David Crisler

    would it have killed you to put mufflers on it? also should run the speedo off the front wheel since it wont be spinnig up rooster tails… 😉

    mike schoolcraft

    Why not put the shifter on the right instead of reaching over? How big on the tires?

    Keith Houda

    Hey, nice video,I bet if you put two more of those carbs on that motor! It may be twice as fast. Quick response, but then the faster you go, it just won’t smoke the tires. Put those two more carbs on and it will be even faste,!

    Steve Stevenson
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