Saturday, March 25, 2023

Cross Kart gets Gauges, Tach + Dashboard!

Main Cross Kart gets Gauges, Tach + Dashboard!

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    Our custom cross kart baja buggy build is really shaping up, with a powerful 70hp 750cc engine, front and rear brakes, a 5 point safety harness and more. Today …



    i don’t know if it’s even possible on this build but just a thought

    Judge has the Word

    You play you pay, Only with-in time.

    Joe Rogan

    If this ride line I drew in the pic was the cart upside down on the ground you'd be fucked up, plz put a hoop over the driver check my pic out to see

    James Nichols

    If you like quality builds go check out Grind Hard Plumbing Co.'s channel.

    Michael Perkins

    i was getting a 70's porn vibe during the pipe bending with that music..

    Danny G

    Use a 4×4 Electricmotor

    DAT Blue Husky

    you guys have too much bracing on that thing its insane

    Red49chevy p/u REVELATION19:13

    👍 ☝ ! ! ! 😎 THANX & BLESSINGS . . .

    Spar2kiss Orealist

    Omg full roll cage

    Mini Bike Madness

    I recommend getting rid of those lawn mower tires for far better off-road only tires. Put on SunF – Classic II, 19x7x8" 6-Ply Tubeless Tires on the front & put SunF – Classic II, 18×9.5×8" 6-Ply Tubeless Tires on the rear. There is a sale currently for a package deal on these tires & you get a set of front & rear tires in the sizes I previously mentioned. Here is the direct Amazon link to the four tire package deal for only $152.96.

    dre F

    That cart needs some boost turbo intercooler and some drag slicks i bet that will dust the dragster

    Dakota k

    The didn't have to call the cops they could have just came and talked to you that's a dick move


    I burnt my eyes watching you guys welding lol love the cart I'm working on a yerf dog myself

    Lyle Brownell

    How many linear feet of tubing have u guys used for the whole project

    Fuel Injection Sucks

    I can't believe all these guys wanting you to put mufflers on. You don't need that kind of negativity in your life.


    Nice work guys. It just gets better and better. Shame about cops though.

    Jeff Jankiewicz

    I`m surprised the cops didn`t want to talk to you guys years ago…..MUFFLERS!…I know they sound cool….BUT….LOL

    Carmichart 177

    Finally a full roll cage, couldn't be a real cross cart without one

    oldreliable303 Justin Scott

    Let me show how too get a noise complate….. i make things go boom

    Diamond Joey

    You you guys really need a full cage over your head if it rolls🤢

    redneck farm boys Bergen

    time 0 to 60 mph.

    Forever Jim

    Fuck the neighbors.

    Chris S

    Pushovers buy six harleys and drive them around. Don't take their shit.

    Chris S

    Wine wine wine I need paddle shifters. So tired of hearing about the paddle shifters john. Put a small knob shifter down by your right knee. . Paddle shifters suck for turning and driving.

    Caleb Hays

    You guys should lose the music. Just saying

    007 T-5

    You could of mounted the tack & speedo off to the side…it doesn't have to be dead center on this! Plus you could of put it at a 45 degree angle off to the side👍🏁

    Wayne Corbin

    Or you guys could just modify the steering will you have cut off the top portion so then you still have plenty of steering wheel left should be able to completely see the cluster at least while driving straight lol

    Wayne Corbin

    For a better visual of the cluster have you guys considered an odyssey type steering wheel obviously they make all kinds of different steering wheels that are shaped like a Honda Odysseys that might be a solution if you guys are comfortable with that type of steering wheel just a suggestion love the channel keep up the videos thanks

    john smith

    It really sounds to me like you guys we're completely Bamboozled by some cops that were paid off by some snooty neighbors to lie to you. That strip of woods across from the driveway of your parents home is public property meaning you can ride and do whatever you wish on it within the constraints of the law. Ripping up and down the road is another hand that requires a road legal vehicle but to drive in the woods across from your homes driveway is completely legal. As far as I know if it is a public domain property that is not posted for no vehicle use you are allowed to drive ATV and off-road vehicles on said property.

    Brian Mcpeek

    Super Minicup front end parts could be an option for front brakes.

    Nathan Goddard

    Hey guys you should look for tires from like a mini cooper because they are pretty huge and will fit your lug pattern

    Donald Duncan

    Make your exhaust 4 into 2 with trap mufflers would help you hearing, spark 🔥 and you could potentially gain power

    Donald Duncan

    Could you use a digital speedometer that could run off the flywheel


    Fully open exhaust doesn’t really get you much more horsepower, it really wouldn’t hurt your performance that much and it would allow you to ride your contraption anywhere if you would just consider attaching some high flow mufflers.

    Aaron Simpson

    Video on 60s mustang ?

    garry jefferson

    Is it true that ike is like a bird dog in steroids when he goes to a junkyard

    Joe Sammy

    Put mufflers on that thing .

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